What Do Naeve Family and divvyDOSE Have in Common?

The Naeve Family and divvyDOSE are companies that are both investing in Right to Work Iowa! Naeve Family Farms will soon be adding a new processing plant in Camanche and creating 50 new jobs. Meanwhile, divvyDOSE is expanding in Davenport and plans to create between 200 and 300 new jobs. So Naeve Family and divvyDOSEwill both be great for Iowa’s economy!

Read on to see what people are saying about each investment!

The Naeve Family:

“The Greater Clinton Region continues to grow, attracting a wide range of industries. We are grateful to the Naeve family and the Iowa Economic Development Authority for bringing this project to our region. Moving forward, we will assist the Naeves with identifying a quality workforce. Thank you for choosing Camanche.”



“It has been great fun for me to see this company scale and expand so quickly. […] The Chamber, along with our municipal partners, has been an advocate for divvyDOSE and provided support along the way at various junctures. I’m thrilled with their success and the variety of great jobs available to our community with this expansion. Since COVID-19, we know that a number of folks have become unemployed, and this could be a great opportunity for them to get back to work.” […]


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