What do Ovivo and Schneider Electric Have in Common?

Ovivo and Schneider Electric are both adding new locations soon in Right to Work Texas! Altogether, these two new business locations will create 500 new jobs for the state. So this is great economic news! It also serves as another example of how Right to Work states attract job-creating businesses that benefit everyone.

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Ovivo is adding a new location soon in Right to Work Hutto, Texas. This will create 100 new jobs for the area as a result!

“We have to stop applying the same old solution and expect a different result. It is our responsibility to treat, recover, and reuse water wisely. SiC BLOX allows us to treat water the way it deserves to be treated.” […]

“We believe the partnership of Titan Development and Hutto has created a very attractive site for Ovivo and other growing companies needing to expand their operations. […] Titan’s Business Park’s great infrastructure and access to major roads, along with Hutto’s experienced workforce in the Austin MSA, combine to create a compelling opportunity for fast-growing manufacturers leading the Texas industrial tech corridor boom.”


Schneider Electric:

Schneider Electric is adding a new manufacturing facility soon in Right to Work El Paso, Texas. This will create 400 new jobs as a result!

“The supply chain challenges of the past year have demonstrated the importance of increasing our domestic manufacturing capacity as quickly as possible. […] Our new, state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in El Paso will allow us to get products into the hands of our distributors and end users more quickly, and it will bring an estimated $138 million in economic value to the local area.” […]

“This exciting announcement reaffirms that the Borderplex region is the solution to the global supply chain crisis. Schneider Electric is a world-class company and global leader in energy management and automation. This manufacturing plant will generate hundreds of great-paying jobs and play a critical role in securing North America’s manufacturing base. We are grateful to Schneider Electric and our partners at the city and county for coming together to help move our region forward.”


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