What Do SungEel HiTech and YKK AP Have in Common?

SungEel HiTech and YKK AP America are both making investments soon in Right to Work Georgia! SungEel HiTech will be adding a new location in Toccoa. Meanwhile, YKK AP is expanding its current facility in Macon. Read on in order to learn more!

SungEel HiTech:

SungEel HiTech is investing $37 million in order to add a new location in Right to Work Toccoa, Georgia. This will also create 104 new jobs!

“SungEel HiTech’s entry into Georgia is the last piece of the puzzle to build a sustainable ecosystem of Georgia’s electric vehicle supply chain. […] SungEel Recycling Park Georgia will conduct its full responsibility to build a U.S. eco-friendly industrial ecosystem in line with the expectations of the State of Georgia and Stephens County.” […]

“SungEel is a company at the cutting edge of sustainable technology, and we believe SungEel’s proximity to other members of Georgia’s electric mobility ecosystem will lead to amazing success. […] Creating the jobs of the future and protecting the opportunities of today means preparing key industries, such as the auto industry, for the next technological revolution. We are grateful to our partners in Stephens County for their investment in speed to market solutions like site preparation, and we are excited to welcome SungEel to Georgia.” […]

“It has been a pleasure working with SungEel HiTech over the past eight months and learning more about the company and its processes. This is an exciting time for Toccoa-Stephens County and a solid boost for our local job market.”


YKK AP America:

YKK AP America is investing $125 million in order to expand in Right to Work Macon, Georgia. This will also create 100 new jobs.

“YKK AP has a strong history of growth and success in Georgia. In 1986, YKK AP opened its first branch in Atlanta, and YKK AP America chose middle Georgia to establish its manufacturing presence in the U.S. just five years later. […] The company has since expanded its presence in Georgia and built valuable relationships with our local communities. Companies in our advanced manufacturing industry, like YKK AP, have played a key role in bringing jobs and opportunities to Georgia, creating the second most new jobs in the state last year.”


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