What Economic Developments are Happening in RTW Kansas?

Two businesses that are investing soon in Right to Work Kansas are Brek Manufacturing and Bev-Hub. Brek Manufacturing will be in Wichita. Meanwhile, Bev-Hub will be in Manhattan, Kansas. Altogether, these two companies will invest 32.5 million and create 112 new jobs.

Read on to learn more about each investment!

Brek Manufacturing:

Brek Manufacturing is purchasing two buildings in Right to Work Wichita, Kansas with a $4.5 million investment. This will create 75 new jobs for the area!

“As we began exploring options for expansion, I recommended including Wichita because I have personally experienced the benefit of operating in one of the top aerospace clusters.” […]

“Our state is proud to be the home of the Air Capital of the World. […] Brek is the latest example of Wichita’s well-deserved aerospace reputation resulting in new business investment and new jobs for Kansas. Congratulations to Brek, and thank you for choosing to expand in the nation’s best state for business.” […]

“Brek Manufacturing wanting to expand in Wichita over growing their current location in California is significant for our region. […] The CEO knows from previously being located in the Air Capital of the high value and numerous benefits of our aerospace ecosystem and our world-class workforce.”



Bev-Hub is renovating its current location in Right to Work Manhattan, Kansas as a result of a $28 million investment. This will also create 37 new jobs!

“Initially we specialized in cold brew coffees and lattes. […] But we quickly learned we could apply many of the same processing techniques towards other beverage categories such as teas, energy drinks, and even cocktail mixers, opening up many new opportunities.” […]

“Bev-Hub is an example of what Kansas ingenuity and market awareness can accomplish. […] I’m proud that our state has the sort of entrepreneurial ecosystem that makes announcements like this possible” […]

“In addition to creating great jobs and investing millions of dollars, Bev-Hub is a tremendous example of the Kansas entrepreneurial spirit.” 


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