What’s in Store for Right to Work Georgia’s Economy?

Right to Work states do better economically than Forced-Unionism states, on average. And Georgia’s latest investments are a great example of Right to Work successes. Businesses investing in Right to Work Georgia include SoPoly and Ryder System, as well as Cinelease.

Read on in order to learn more about each individual investment!


SoPoly is investing $5 million in order to expand in Right to Work Eastman, Georgia. This will create 200 new jobs for Dodge County!

“All of us in Dodge County are excited about the new manufacturing plant and the soon to be more than 200 employees who are making these high-quality Adirondack chairs. […] We salute our native son Robert Pruitt on the latest of his business ventures in the area. SoPoly is not only manufacturing leading-edge recycled materials products at this facility, but turning an empty building into a highly productive facility. The best part is, the people who are finding new employment opportunities at SoPoly are reliable, hardworking, highly skilled local people with a solid work ethic and a love for the area and for doing things right the first time. We are enjoying hosting tours and seeing recycling at its best in the new SoPoly manufacturing center here in Eastman!”


Ryder System:

Ryder System is investing $44 million in order to add a new location in Right to Work Locust Grove, Georgia, creating 250 new jobs.

“Locust Grove is a growing city in Georgia, so it was a natural fit for our next facility location. […] By increasing our footprint, we improve our customers’ speed-to-market, which is critical in today’s highly competitive environment. We are grateful for the vision and willingness of Georgia’s state and local leaders to collaborate with Ryder to make this project possible.” […]

“In today’s environment, speed-to-market is critical for companies of all sizes. […] By leveraging Henry County’s real estate assets with our unmatched workforce training programs and extensive logistics network, Ryder will be able to quickly build out their new facility to efficiently meet customer demand.” He added, “Many thanks to Ryder for choosing to invest in Georgia, and congratulations to our partners in Henry County for the long-term benefits this project will bring to the community.” […]

“We’re excited to see Ryder’s Georgia expansion, and to welcome the new business it will mean for the Port of Savannah. […] The company’s cargo handling expertise makes their new Henry County location a welcome addition to the state’s private logistics network.”

“We welcome this addition of Locust Grove to Ryder’s already strong presence in the Atlanta metro area, a key U.S. logistics hub. […] We congratulate Ryder on this important decision and thank community partners for their support of this project for Atlanta.”



Cinelease Studios is planning an expansion soon in Right to Work Covington, Georgia, and should be ready by 2023.

“Cinelease has been a pioneer in Georgia’s entertainment industry. Our senior leadership had the foresight to see the potential in the state, and we are proud to have acted as a magnet for the regional expansion of our industry. […] We can confidently say that investing in an expansion of this magnitude reinforces Cinelease’s commitment to making an impactful contribution to the workforce, tax base, and client experience in Georgia.” […]

“We are excited that Cinelease has had such success here in Georgia. […] This announcement is a testament to the resiliency of Georgia’s film industry over the last two years. A big thank you to Cinelease for housing productions and providing film industry services to the many film and television shows that have filmed here and are currently shooting in Georgia.” […]

“Cinelease’s expansion is a testament to the success of Georgia’s film tax credit. While it is only film and television projects that are qualified to earn the tax incentive, thousands of taxpaying support service companies – like Cinelease – are able to grow as well, in response to the level of business. […] Thank you to Cinelease for their continued commitment to the State of Georgia, and thank you to the state legislature for their continued support of this transformative legislation.”


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