What’s in Store for Right to Work North Carolina’s Economy?

Right to Work North Carolina is home to some of the most advanced scientific and medical research facilities, and because of this, it continues to attract more. In fact, Pfizer just opened a new location, and Science 37 is relocating headquarters here soon. So this is exciting news! But these aren’t the only companies interested in North Carolina’s economy. LT Apparel Group is expanding soon in Greensboro.

Read on to learn more about each investment!


Pfizer just opened a new manufacturing facility in Right to Work Durham, North Carolina. So this will create 50 new jobs for the area!

“Gene therapy represents the next wave of innovation for patients living with rare diseases, for whom there are limited treatment options currently available. […] Today represents the next step in strengthening Pfizer’s in-house gene therapy capabilities and underscores the unique ability, expertise, and resources we have to guide gene therapy through the entire development and manufacturing process and deliver this potentially life-changing technology to patients.”


Science 37:

Science 37 is relocating headquarters to Right to Work Morrisville, North Carolina. As a result, this will create 250 new jobs!

“The Science 37 model has enabled clinical trial sponsors to accelerate enrollment, retain patients longer and attract a more representative patient population, which has led to tremendous growth for our company. […] Establishing our headquarters in the Research Triangle, a magnet for biopharmaceutical innovation, will enable Science 37 to continue grow; attracting and retaining top talent dedicated to accelerating research and enabling access for patients and providers, anywhere.” […]

“I’m pleased to welcome Science 37’s new headquarters to North Carolina and the Research Triangle.” […]

“The ecosystem that supports North Carolina’s life science industry is second to none, and Science 37’s decision strengthens our position even more. […] Companies in this vibrant industry depend on our skilled and talented workforce, and as the state’s First in Talent strategic plan makes clear, investments in our educational and training systems will keep opportunities like this coming our way.”


LT Apparel Group:

LT Apparel Group is investing $57 million in order to expand in Right to Work Greensboro, North Carolina. This will also create 116 new jobs!

“Our operations here in Greensboro have come full circle. […] From designing products in Revolution Mill to warehousing and distributing them from Brown Summit, LT Apparel is part of the fabric of this community, and we’re committed to remain so. After a long search for our new home, it became clear that Greensboro was the right choice for us. We appreciate the support we’ve received from all the state and local partners, and we look forward to growing our company in North Carolina.” […]

“Manufacturers continue to choose North Carolina for expansion projects that are critical to their bottom line. […] LT Apparel Group’s decision demonstrates confidence in our workforce and the growth of our state.”


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