What’s In Store for Right to Work Virginia’s Economy?

Three businesses that are soon planning investments in Right to Work Virginia Include Ceres Nanosciences, Zasti, and J&J Truck Sales.

Ceres Nanosciences will be expanding in Prince William County while J&J Truck Sales will be expanding in Pittsylvania County. Meanwhile, Zasti will be adding a new location in Loudoun County, which will serve as its new headquarters. All three of them plan to create lots of new jobs for their respective areas, so these will be good economic opportunities! This also just shows how Right to Work states thrive economically.

Read on so you can see what’s being said about each individual investment!

Ceres Nanosciences:

“Cutting-edge Virginia companies like Ceres Nanosciences are vital contributors to worldwide efforts to improve and expand COVID-19 testing. […] We are grateful to Ceres for creating valuable, 21st-century jobs in Prince William County[…].”


Zasti Inc:

“Virginia represents a confluence of values given its workforce diversity, commitment to the environment, and a strong academic research setting. […] It is a great place for a transformative vision-driven business like ours to thrive. Our AI platform offers valuable health risk screening and early disease detection for communities in need while creating low-carbon pathways for our stakeholders. With continued support from Loudoun County and Virginia, we hope to grow our workforce well beyond 60 jobs.”


J&J Truck Sales:

“J&J Truck Sales’ long-term success in Danville-Pittsylvania County is a testament to the region’s competitive operating costs and dedicated workforce. […] We are proud that the company has experienced success in Chatham and will create additional high-value jobs.” […]

“J&J Truck Sales is a well-established company that has contributed significantly to the regional economy and the growth of the automotive and heavy equipment supply chain in Southern Virginia. […] Having them decide to expand operations in Pittsylvania County ensures this commitment will continue for future generations.”


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