What’s the Latest on Right to Work Louisiana’s Economy?

Companies are investing in Louisiana as a result of the state’s Right to Work laws. Some of the most recent Right to Work Louisiana investments are coming from Arbor Renewable and CMIT, as well as Mid South Extrusion and Supreme Rice. Read on in order to learn more about these companies’ plans.

Arbor Renewable:

Arbor Renewable is investing $800 million in order to add a new location in Right to Work Baton Rouge, Louisiana, creating 32 new jobs.

“Arbor Gas’ planned renewable gasoline production facility in West Baton Rouge Parish is further evidence that our all-of-the-above approach to energy is attracting the right kind of investment to Louisiana.” […]

“The Baton Rouge Area is rising up as the global epicenter for renewable and transitional energy investments. […] Since 2020, the Capital Region has seen over $18.5 billion in announced or considered investments. The industrial sector is moving toward net zero carbon emissions in manufacturing. We applaud Arbor Gas as the latest to recognize the unique advantages for energy transition business development in Louisiana and the Capital Region.”



CMIT is officially open in Right to Work Shreveport, Louisiana after a $19.5 million investment. This will also create 25 new jobs soon.

“With the new CMIT, Louisiana residents will have access to the most advanced molecular imaging and therapy care so they do not have to travel out of state. […] The scientists and researchers at this facility, and at collaborating educational institutions and pharmaceutical companies, will be able to perform life-saving research, produce life-saving radiopharmaceuticals and perform cutting-edge diagnostic and therapeutic imaging for area patients and for those in the state and beyond.” […]

“The new Center for Molecular Imaging and Therapy [CMIT] will enhance Louisiana’s position in the increasingly competitive life sciences sector by attracting contracts from out-of-state entities that drive revenue streams and create high-paying jobs. […] I congratulate BRF on advancing molecular imaging care for Louisiana patients while promoting the kind of groundbreaking research and collaboration that the healthcare industry has come to expect from our state.”


Mid South Extrusion:

Mid South Extrusion is investing $4.9 million in order to expand and add a new production line in Right to Work Monroe, Louisiana.

“We love our state and community, and knowing that we have the support of our local and state officials makes reinvestment and growth in Louisiana an easy decision. Plastics is an industry that is in high demand due to the industry’s commitment to growth, innovation and sustainability. Mid South Extrusion is looking forward to our continued growth in Monroe for many years to come.” […]

“I applaud Mid South’s investment in the growth of its team and its facility, which will increase economic activity in the Northeast Region of the state. […] Mid South’s role in the food packaging supply chain illustrates the importance of Louisiana’s contribution in this sector. Food production remains critical in the United States and beyond, and it is reliant on packaging. This investment contributes to these important national and global interests.” […]

“We are proud to have Mid South Extrusion as part of our existing industry base, as well as our community. […] This decision to increase their footprint in North Louisiana emphasizes the area’s dedicated workforce and strategic location.”


Supreme Rice:

Supreme Rice is investing $16.2 million in order to add new locations in Right to Work Crowley and Mermentau, Louisiana.

“As a processor of one of Louisiana’s key crops, Supreme Rice is both a cultural ambassador and an agribusiness leader for our state. […] This expansion and the new jobs it will generate in Acadiana will help to sustain the growing momentum of our rural revitalization efforts.” […]

“As one of Louisiana’s largest rice-milling operations, Supreme Rice is a cornerstone of our state’s agricultural economy. […] One Acadiana is proud to have worked with our partners at LED and the Acadia Parish Chamber to see this major expansion come to fruition. We congratulate Supreme Rice and our partners in Acadia Parish on this expansion and applaud the company’s 85 years of impact, investment, and leadership.”


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