Which Companies Will be Investing in Right to Work Virginia?

Four companies that will soon be investing in the state of Virginia include Tabet Manufacturing, Advance Energy Solutions, Civica Inc, and Intertape Polymer Group. Tabet Manufacturing and Intertape Polymer Group will be expanding. So that is Tabet in Norfolk and Intertape Polymer in Pittsylvania County.

Meanwhile, Advance Energy Solutions will be adding a new solar and wind farm in Ridgeway. In addition, Civica Inc will be adding a new manufacturing facility in Petersburg. All of these companies will create lots of new jobs, so this is great news!

Read on to find out more about each investment!

Tabet Manufacturing:

“We are excited to make this investment and continue growing our operations in the Hampton Roads area. […] The area is strategically located to serve our customer base and has the necessary infrastructure for us to conduct business in a competitive manner. We have also been able to develop a strong supply chain utilizing vendors throughout Virginia.”


Advance Energy Solutions:

“We plan to utilize the building for research and development and renewable Energy Control Panel assembly operations to serve renewable energy power equipment manufacturers and solar farm developers in Virginia and North Carolina.” […]

“We are thrilled that Advance Energy has chosen Henry County for its new facility. It is especially satisfying when a new technology company chooses our area due, in part, to the younger talent we have coming out of our university system.” 


Civica Inc:

“Over the last decade, many essential medicines have not been available when patients need them most, and the COVID-19 pandemic has further revealed significant vulnerabilities in our U.S. medical supply chain. […] This announcement brings us one step closer to our goal of helping to ensure every American will have access to the essential medicines necessary to sustain life and conquer disease for decades to come.” […]

“Virginia’s Gateway Region is known for advanced manufacturing, and we are thrilled that critical pharmaceutical ingredients for Americans will be produced right here in Petersburg, the heart of the Gateway. […] We look forward to partnering with Civica to support this growing cluster and bring jobs back to Virginia.”


Intertape Polymer Group:

“Today represents another exciting milestone for our Danville-Pittsylvania County operations located in the Ringgold Industrial Park. […] The assets and processes involved in this expansion include growth in both new and existing businesses for IPG. We are excited […] to continue collaborating with our state and local partners to deliver these projects and jobs to our community.” […]

“Intertape Polymer Group has a long and successful history in Pittsylvania County.”


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