Wisconsin Policy Making – Big Labor Bring Legislator from Prison to Vote!

Fearing that newly elected Republican Governor Scott Walker will negotiate with big labor by representing the views of the taxpayers, the Wisconsin Democratic Party has gone to extreme lengths to ram through new contract before Walker takes office.  

The state public employee unions are trying to ram through their contracts before the new Governor and Legislature take over in January.  This is an unprecedented move – generally, they’re taken up months from now – but they know if they can get them through before the whole state government flips to red, they can get about $154 million in benefits Gov.-Elect Walker had promised to cut.

The vote is expected to be close, and the unions need every vote.  So they go pick up a disgraced legislator named Jeff Wood, who is SITTING IN PRISON and drive him down to the Capitol.  Wood is in jail on three separate OWI arrests within the span of a year, and lost his seat in the last election.  So the fiscal fate of the state rests in the hands of a lame duck legislator who gets a day off from jail to vote the unions better benefits.