Amber Wave and Novacoast Choose Right to Work Kansas

Amber Wave and Novacoast are both adding new locations soon in Right to Work Kansas! Amber Wave will be locating to Phillipsburg. Meanwhile, Novacoast is relocating from California to Wichita. Read on in order to learn more about each investment!

Amber Wave:

Amber Wave is investing $250 million toward a new location in Right to Work Phillipsburg, Kansas. This will create 60 new jobs as a result!

“Recognizing the rising demand for high-protein ingredients and innovative feed products, coupled with renewable fuels that reduce our carbon footprint, this investment fits with what we have successfully done many times in Summit’s history. […] We evaluated several sites in various wheat-growing areas and Prairie Horizon is ideally located. The wheat protein we will produce is a healthy ingredient used widely within baked goods, pet food and growing aquaculture feed markets.” […]

“This is a big win not just for Phillipsburg and western Kansas but the entire state. […] Amber Wave’s facility underscores Governor Kelly’s continued commitment to increasing prosperity in all areas of Kansas.”



Novacoast is relocating from California to Right to Work Wichita, Kansas. This will also create 100 new jobs for the area!

“We’ve been impressed with Wichita. […] One year ago, we expanded our presence to the area, and we’ve come to realize the incredible potential in the city and its people. This is where we want to grow our company, officially naming Wichita as our global headquarters.” […]

“Novacoast’s decision to move their headquarters to Kansas is further validation that Kansas is the nation’s best place to do business. […] The new jobs and training opportunities in advanced cybersecurity provided by Novacoast reinforce our state’s position as an innovation leader.”


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