Are You Familiar With These Business Investments in Virginia?

Three businesses are investing soon in Right to Work Virginia’s economy. These are indieDwell, Guidehouse, and AMPAC Fine Chemicals. indieDwell will be locating their first-ever East Coast location in Newport News, and Guidehouse plans to establish global headquarters in Fairfax County. Meanwhile, AMPAC is expanding in Petersburg. Altogether, these three companies will create a total of 1,276 new jobs across the state. So this is great news for the economy! It also shows how Right to Work states like Virginia attract businesses that can grow and create more opportunities for everyone.

Read on to learn more about each investment!


indieDwell is adding a new manufacturing location in Right to Work Newport News, Virginia with a $2 million investment that will create 220 new jobs!

“We selected Newport News for our expansion after considering a number of locational advantages. […] Our Newport News facility is strategically located in the Mid-Atlantic region with access to the interstate highway system, and, most importantly, a strong workforce. Workforce development is one of indieDwell’s guiding principles, and our sincere desire to work with the Southeast Community neighborhood to create new jobs and construction trade training was a driving force behind our decision to select Newport News.” […]

“Quality affordable housing is so important to the well-being of individuals and communities, and so we are thrilled to have an innovative company like indieDwell create good jobs and strengthen our affordable housing network in the Commonwealth. […] We thank indieDwell for its investment and for creating 220 new jobs in Newport News.”



Guidehouse is establishing global headquarters soon in Right to Work Fairfax, County, Virginia. This will create 900 new jobs!

“Guidehouse is proud to announce our new corporate headquarters in Tysons Corner, Fairfax County’s largest business district. […] This move will allow us to best accommodate growth, serve our people and clients, and attract talent. Virginia offers a highly skilled workforce and business-friendly climate, making it an ideal location for Guidehouse’s future.” […]

“Fairfax County offers the location, talent pipeline, and access to decision-makers that global providers like Guidehouse are seeking. We are pleased to welcome the company’s headquarters operation to Virginia. […] We are confident the Commonwealth will provide an ideal location for Guidehouse to thrive, and we look forward to a continuing partnership with the company.” […]


AMPAC Fine Chemicals:

AMPAC Fine Chemicals is investing $25 million toward an expansion in Right to Work Petersburg, Virginia. This will create 156 new jobs!

“Of our three AMPAC locations, Virginia offers an enabling environment for developing and sustaining the growth in capacity and infrastructure demanded for the pharmaceutical industry. […] Our growing relationship with the Commonwealth, VEDP, the City of Petersburg, and others, including VCU, Phlow, and Civica, is a cornerstone of our vision for American-based manufacturing of critical pharmaceutical ingredients.” […]

“Our region is emerging as a pharmaceutical manufacturing cluster. We look forward to supporting AMPAC and its partner companies as they stabilize America’s essential medicine supply chain.”


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