BMW and Others Choose Right to Work South Carolina

Companies are choosing to invest in Right to Work South Carolina over others, and this includes BMW Group. Other businesses investing in Right to Work South Carolina include Niagara Pharmaceuticals and SC Canna. Both of these will be adding new locations here. So this is exciting news! Read on to learn more about each investment and the jobs that they will create.

BMW Group:

BMW Group is investing $1.7 billion in order to expand and create 300 new jobs in Right to Work Spartanburg County, South Carolina.

“For decades, Plant Spartanburg has been a cornerstone of the global success of the BMW Group. The home of the BMW X models that are so popular all over the world. Going forward, it will also be a major driver for our electrification strategy, and we will produce at least six fully electric BMW X models here by 2030. That means: The ‘Home of the X’ is also becoming the ‘Home of the Battery Electric Vehicle’. […] In addition, we can showcase BMW Group’s ‘local for local’ principle: Our newly developed sixth generation battery cells, which were specifically designed for the next generation NEUE KLASSE electric vehicles, will be sourced here in South Carolina, where X goes electric.” […]

“BMW’s latest investment further proves that South Carolina is a vital player in the automotive transformation sweeping the U.S. and the world. The company’s continued success here is defined by collaboration and a workforce that is second to none. Once again, BMW is helping South Carolina drive the automotive industry toward the future, and I can’t wait to see where the ride takes us.”


Niagara Pharmaceutical:

Niagara Pharmaceutical is investing $9 million in order to establish US operations in Right to Work Cowpens, South Carolina and create 45 new jobs.

“Niagara Pharmaceuticals is excited to launch our first U.S. operation in Cherokee County. In addition to South Carolina’s business-friendly environment and talented workforce, the state’s strategic location will allow us to connect more efficiently with our customers in the region. We look forward to growing our company and being a part of the South Carolina community.” […]

“We’re excited to celebrate another South Carolina win today with the announcement of Niagara Pharmaceuticals’ new operation in Cherokee County. When an international company decides to locate in South Carolina, particularly in one of our rural communities, it shows the world that we have the business environment to attract companies to all corners of our state. Congratulations to Niagara Pharmaceuticals. We proudly welcome them to our state’s life sciences manufacturing community.”


SC Canna:

SC Canna is investing $8.8 million in order to add a new location in Right to Work Manning, South Carolina. This will also create 37 new jobs!

“We are very excited about growing SC Canna, LLC in our own backyard. Our high-tech grow system will be the first of its kind in South Carolina. We look forward to cultivating and strengthening our ability to provide as many therapeutic resources as possible to our healthcare customers.” […]

“Companies of all types are planting their seeds in South Carolina because of our business-friendly environment and talented workforce. We congratulate SC Canna, LLC on its $8.8 million investment that will create 37 new jobs in one of our state’s rural communities.”


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