Brigade of Big Labor Bullhorn Bullies Fails to End Democracy

First, the brigade of Big Labor’s Bullhorn Bullies failed to keep the Wisconsin legislature from operating when it used intimidation in an attempt to bypass the November 2010 democratic election, and all-the-while chanting the anarchist chant: “This Is What Democracy Looks Like.”

Then, having failed with their weeks of harassment, those same forced-dues financed bullies poured $3 million-plus into JoAnne Kloppenburg’s campaign for the Wisconsin Supreme Court against Justive David Prosser. The goal: overturn democracy and the legislative results that flow from it.

Yet, even with union pouring in campaign money and paying for precinct workers, the voters of Wisconsin again rejected Ms. Kloppenburg, who so actively embraced Big Labor’s myopic vision on compulsory unionism that she ended the public’s ability to ever see her again as an impartial jurist.

In the end, it appears Wisconsin has shown us what democracy looks like. State employees, at least, will have the choice to continue to contribute or not contribute to the same union officials who organized the chaos in Wisconsin. And, isn’t choice and freedom what democracy looks like verses intimidation and compulsion?