Businesses Choose Right to Work States like North Carolina

North Carolina is attracting business growth of all kinds. In the Raleigh-Durham area alone, Clorox is doing a $7.5 million expansion, while ApiJect just recently received a $590 million loan to set up in this area. Meanwhile, two companies are putting their headquarters in North Carolina. Sedia Systems will be putting theirs in Asheboro, while Wolf and Flow X-Ray will be putting theirs in Rocky Mount. Altogether, these four companies will create lots of new job opportunities.

Read more below to see what’s being said about each investment!

ApiJect Systems:

“The DFC loan […] gives us the ability to move rapidly to support America’s need to re-shore domestically a high volume, high-speed fill-finish capacity for vaccines and other injectable medicines, as well as a needle hub facility.”



“Global brands like Clorox see North Carolina’s steady leadership and workforce growth as reasons to operate and thrive here[…] The Clorox Company’s continued investment and partnership here is good news for our entire state’s continued economic recovery.”


Sedia Systems:

“We’ve been looking aggressively for a long-term home for Sedia Systems to flourish and we found it in Asheboro.” […]

“It was a pleasure working with Sedia Systems during their due diligence period. We are excited to see this company keep their current manufacturing in North Carolina with the consolidation of their two existing facilities to be located in Asheboro providing good paying jobs for our citizens.”


Wolf and Flow X-Ray:

“North Carolina’s leadership in healthcare delivery and advanced manufacturing combine to make the state an obvious choice for medical device makers like Wolf and Flow X-Ray. […] We welcome this growing company and look forward to helping them connect to the ingredients for their continued success.”


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