Cars, Science, and Bourbon in Right to Work Kentucky

Right to Work Kentucky Economic Update

Companies continue to invest in Kentucky as a result of the state’s Right to Work laws and the economic benefits and freedoms that provides. The most recent Right to Work Kentucky investments are coming form EnerVenue and Campari Group, as well as Toyota Boshuko and Microvast Advanced Membrane. Altogether, these company will invest a total of $1.13 billion, as well as create 1,200 new jobs. So this is exciting news!

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EverVenue is investing $264 million in order to establish a new location and create 450 new jobs in Right to Work Shelby County, Kentucky.

“As customer interest in EnerVenue’s storage technology soars, we’re excited to significantly scale battery production with our new state-of-the-art gigafactory in Shelby County. […] The state and county governments were committed to bringing manufacturing and clean energy jobs to the region, and we look forward to working with them as we build out operations.” […]

“Our skilled workforce and communities working together to foster continued growth have made the economic momentum the commonwealth is experiencing possible. For a company like EnerVenue to come in, invest and create jobs in Shelby County is an exciting next step for our manufacturing and energy storage sectors.” […]

“EnerVenue has to be the largest employer to ever enter Shelby County, and the largest building at 1 million-square-feet. It’s historic.”


Campari Group:

Campari Group is investing $131 million in order to expand, add a second distillery, and create 31 new jobs in Right to Work Lawrenceburg, Kentucky!

“Since 2009, when Campari Group acquired the Wild Turkey Distillery, we have significantly invested in the bourbon category, which now represents Campari Group’s second major leg after the aperitif portfolio. This expansion project confirms, once again, our commitment to this category and it will allow for the continued growth of the Wild Turkey and Russell’s Reserve franchise, both in the United States and internationally.” […]

“This investment by Campari Group adds to the historic momentum the commonwealth is currently experiencing in our signature bourbon and spirits industry. […] Kentucky is coming off our best year for growth in the spirits industry, with over $2.1 billion in new investments and approximately 700 new jobs for Kentuckians. I want to thank Campari for expanding its Wild Turkey campus in the commonwealth and continuing to invest in Anderson County and the Lawrenceburg community.”


Toyota Boshuko:

Toyota Boshoku America is investing $225 million in order to add a new location and create 157 new jobs in Right to Work Hopkinsville, Kentucky!

“Kentucky’s manufacturing industry has seen incredible growth and momentum recently, and that isn’t stopping anytime soon. […] We continue to see quality companies choose the commonwealth to expand their business and invest in our communities, and that speaks to our resources and talented workforce. Toyota Boshoku has played a major role in our state’s manufacturing sector for years, and I am thrilled to see them add another facility here in Kentucky.” […]

“We are excited Toyoda Boshoku has chosen Hopkinsville’s South Park for their new smart facility investment creating over 157 great jobs and a sizable capital investment.”


Microvast Advanced Membrane:

Microvast Advanced Membrane is investing $504 million in order to add a new location and create 562 new jobs in Right to Work Hopkinsville, Kentucky.

“We are excited to announce this next chapter for Microvast, as we intend to build the world’s first mass production facility for our cutting-edge polyaramid separator technology.” […]

“Kentucky continues to position itself as the top EV-related manufacturing location in the country. […] We are committed to creating an environment where the industries of the future can grow and thrive right here in the commonwealth, and Microvast’s investment is a huge step toward that goal.” […]

“We are ecstatic that Microvast has chosen our region for their next investment in EV battery technology. […] We’re excited to work with the company leadership as they execute this transformational opportunity for our region’s residents.”


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