Check Out the Latest Right to Work Kansas Investments!

Companies that are investing in Right to Work Kansas include MCAS and Bartlett, as well as CSLLC. Altogether, these will create a total of 373 new jobs for the state. So this is exiting news! These investments also show how Right to Work states attract great businesses. They also create new job opportunities.

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Mid-Continent Aviation Services (MCAS):

Mid-Continent Aviation Services is expanding soon in Right to Work Wichita, Kansas with a $5.7 million investment. This will also create 23 new jobs!

“This impressive venture is still more proof of Wichita’s well-deserved aerospace reputation, which has long been a driver of new business investment and jobs for Kansas. Plus, this is a prime example of tangible success in aligning our world-class assets and competitive advantage in the aerospace industry, which is a central tenet of our Framework for Growth. […] My sincerest congratulations to MCAS for this impressive expansion plan that will house key maintenance operations while delivering good-paying jobs.”

“Growth within the MRO sector is critical to the diversification of our local aviation industry and is a key focus of the Regional Growth Plan,. […] We were pleased to work with MCAS and community partners to grow jobs and investment, and expand our aviation ecosystem.”



Bartlett is investing $325 million in order to add a new location in Right to Work Montgomery County, Kansas. This will also create 50 new jobs!

“Agriculture-based and renewable energy businesses are major economic drivers in Kansas. I am extremely [glad] to see Bartlett recognize just how ideal this location is for the future of their operations. […] Powered by Kansas’ outstanding infrastructure and talented workforce, I’m confident Bartlett’s new project will be a tremendous success and have a significant economic impact on the region and our state as a whole.” […]

“With our strategic location in the middle of the country and our strong agricultural roots, I’m absolutely thrilled that Bartlett chose Kansas as the place to locate this impressive new facility. […] We know they had other states in the region to choose from. So I am proud but not surprised that they selected Kansas as the winning location for this project. It’s proof of their visionary approach, and of the strong assets in Kansas we have to offer ag-based and renewable energy companies.”


Communications Solutions (CSLLC):

Communications Solutions (CSLLC) is expanding in Right to Work Emporia, Kansas. This will create a total of 250 new jobs for the area!

“Kansas has earned a reputation as a go-to location for major business investments. […] CSLLC needed a location with a ready workforce prepared to handle hundreds of new jobs quickly, and rightly chose Kansas. Clearly, the word is out about our new way of doing business, and more companies are responding.” […]

“We welcome CSLLC to Emporia with their acquisition of the Fusion (Birch) office building at 1301 Chestnut Street, which met and exceeded their location criteria. […] CSLLC will be creating call center jobs in our region.”


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