Check Out These Right to Work South Carolina Investments!

Businesses are always finding themselves in Right to Work states such as South Carolina. After all, they offer so many benefits that you just can’t get in Forced Unionism states. Three of the most recent South Carolina investments come from Mira International Foods, Connect America, and Cypress Creek Renewable. Both Mira and Connect America are establishing new locations in this great state. Meanwhile, Cypress Creek Renewable is expanding one of its current South Carolina locations. All of these investments will create more jobs and more cash flow, benefitting the economy.

Read on to learn more about each business’ plans.

Mira International Foods:

Mira International is investing $2 million in order to add a new location in Right to Work Beaufort, South Carolina. This will also create 28 new jobs!

“Mira is excited to invest in South Carolina and partner with its constituents to robustly grow the business. Beaufort, South Carolina is a strategic location, which allows us to harness the talents of a growing and vibrant workforce, often with the benefit of rigorous military experience. Situated between two of the most thriving ports in the country, Charleston and Savannah, our location is optimal as we can readily import key products that are essential for our business. Thank you, South Carolina, for your amazing welcome and for being so business friendly.” […]

“Mira’s decision to invest in the Lowcountry is a direct result of South Carolina’s commitment to investing in and expanding our ports. This $2 million investment will pay dividends for Beaufort County by bringing jobs and growth to an already thriving region.” […]

“SouthernCarolina Alliance welcomes Mira to the region, where the company will be an asset to our growing cluster of food and beverage industries. Congratulations to Beaufort County and the economic development team! Every good job created is an opportunity for a brighter future for a family in our region.”


Connect America:

Connect America is establishing operations soon in Right to Work Fountain Inn, South Carolina. As a result, this will create 71 new jobs!

“The Connect America family of companies and the LifeLine division are very excited to consolidate its fulfillment operations from disparate parts of the U.S. into our new Fountain Inn, S.C. facility. The opportunity to work with the Greenville Area Development Corporation and the readySC team to quickly hire and train a new staff was one of the determining factors in our choice to pick the Upstate area to move to. We look forward to building on our lifesaving mission through the expansion of our business in this new facility.” […]  

“We are excited to welcome Connect America to South Carolina. When nationally recognized companies invest within our borders, it’s good news for the local community and all of the Palmetto State.” […]

“Greenville County is pleased to welcome Connect America’s newest base of operations here to our community.” 


Cypress Creek Renewable:

Cypress Creek Renewable is expanding soon in Right to Work Anderson County, South Carolina, with a $68 million investment.

“We are thrilled to continue investing in South Carolina with a new 50MW solar facility in Anderson County. This project will add to the low-cost, emission-free electricity available for South Carolinians while also providing new tax revenue and jobs. We are grateful to Anderson County leaders and the state of South Carolina for continued support and collaboration and look forward to growing this partnership in the years ahead.” […]

“When companies like Cypress Creek build on existing investments in South Carolina, it powers the communities and the people who live there. Congratulations to this great company, and we look forward to their continued work in the renewable energy industry.” 


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