What Companies are Locating to Right to Work South Carolina?

Right to Work South Carolina is always attracting new businesses, and these four are proof of that! Four companies that are adding new locations here soon are Accudraft Finishing Systems, Arnett Engineered Solutions, MECART, and Malouf Companies. This is great news because it will mean new jobs all across the state. So this will be another great economic boost for South Carolina!

Read on so you can find out more about each company’s investment.

Accudraft Finishing Systems:

Accudraft Finishing Systems is adding a new location in Right to Work Aiken, South Carolina as a result of a $4.7 million investment. This will also create 42 new jobs!

“We appreciate the $4.7 million investment and 42 jobs Accudraft will bring to South Carolina. I look forward to the amazing work that will take place in Aiken County.” […]

“We welcome Accudraft to Aiken County and appreciate their investment here. They are a world-class company that will further diversify employment opportunities in the county. We look forward to working with them on their startup which hopefully leads to additional growth. Today’s news would not be possible without the years of tireless work by Aiken County Council to ensure the business conditions are right for companies to locate and be profitable.”  


Arnett Engineered Solutions:

Arnett Engineered Solutions is adding a new location in Right to Work Bamberg, South Carolina. This will then increase the company’s operational capacity.

“Arnett Engineered Solutions is thrilled to be growing our operations and purchasing the beautiful facility at 61 Innovation Drive in Bamberg, South Carolina. We look forward to joining the Bamberg community to work with and serve its greatest asset: wonderful people. We also want to extend our sincere gratitude to the team at SouthernCarolina Alliance for their assistance with a seamless transition into the area.” […] 

“Congratulations to Arnett Engineered Solutions, LLC and Bamberg County! Arnett will be an asset to our local and regional economies, and we are proud that they have chosen a new home in the SouthernCarolina region of South Carolina.” 



MECART is adding a new location soon in Right to Work Greenville, South Carolina. This will create 50 new jobs as a result of the $2 million investment.

“We are very excited to call Greenville, S.C. home now. Our new factory will allow us to meet rapidly growing customer demand with our high-quality modular system for cleanrooms and industrial enclosures. This facility, staffed with great people from South Carolina, is a key element to help us achieve our strategic vision.” […]

“Recruiting international firms like MECART, Inc. to South Carolina is a critical part of our economic development strategy. This Canada-based company’s decision to establish operations in Greenville County is great news for the local community and our state.” 


Malouf Companies:

Malouf Companies is adding a new location soon in Right to Work Laurens, South Carolina with a $47.2 million investment. This will then create 240 new jobs!

“Our South Carolina facility offers many of the same advantages and opportunities that we have in North Carolina, but gives us more space under one roof. This space will simplify our supply chain process by allowing us to consolidate all of our specialty retail products in one place for East Coast fulfillment. We are excited to be in Laurens and hope to impact the community in a positive way as we have done at our other locations.” […]

“We are excited to welcome Malouf to the South Carolina business community. The Palmetto State continues to attract world-class companies that bring capital investment and jobs to our borders, which is always a great reason to celebrate.” 


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