Right to Work South Carolina Welcomes New Businesses

Right to Work South Carolina is seeing an increase in businesses coming to the state. The state provides Right to Work benefits that support company growth. So it’s no wonder why businesses are attracted to the area. Three businesses that will have new locations in the state include Pregis, Nephron Pharmaceuticals, and Last Step Recycling. Nephron Pharmaceuticals is actually already open for business in Lexington County. Altogether, these companies will create 420 new jobs. So this is great news!

Read on to learn more about each investment!


Pregis is adding a new location in Right to Work Anderson, South Carolina with an $80 million investment. This will also create 120 new jobs!

“We believe that this new facility will be the most technologically-advanced extrusion facility in North America. The facility has been staffed with technology and market leaders who are focused on developing extruded films that have been engineered to meet market-driven performance requirements.” […] 

“We congratulate Pregis on this $80 million investment that will create 120 new jobs within the Anderson County community. We wish them great success in the Palmetto State and look forward to seeing them grow and prosper for a long time.” […]


Nephron Pharmaceuticals:

Nephron Pharmaceuticals is officially open in Right to Work Lexington County, South Carolina! This new location will create 250 new jobs!

“This is a historic day for our company, and, we believe, for South Carolina. […] Over the course of the last year, we have poured every bit of creativity, energy and resources we have at our disposal into doing our part, as a proud Made-in-America manufacturer, to respond to an unprecedented crisis. Nephron Nitrile is the latest part of our ongoing effort to make South Carolina the nationwide example for effectively responding to America’s needs, this time by shoring up the domestic supply chain.” […]

“Nephron Pharmaceuticals Corporation’s continued investment in South Carolina and our people will go a long way toward creating much-needed independence in this industry. This great company continues to show that we have the talent and the ability to do anything we put our minds to, right here in South Carolina.”


Last Step Recycling:

Last Step Recycling is adding a new location in Right to Work Chester County, South Carolina. They plan to invest $46.4 million that will also create 50 new jobs!

“Companies like Last Step Recycling, LLC are attracted to South Carolina thanks to our top-notch business environment. I congratulate the company on this new project and look forward to the impact it will make[…]”

“Congratulations to Last Step Recycling, LLC for establishing in Chester Technology Park, a great location along the Highway 9 industrial corridor with easy access to Interstate 77. One of the drivers for this project is the L&C Railroad that will allow Last Step Recycling, LLC to do business with both CSX and Norfolk Southern.”


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