Check Out These Right to Work Tennessee Investments!

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Three businesses are locating soon in Right to Work Tennessee! These include Hydro-Gear, Ascent Buildings, and TROY Industries. Hydro-Gear will be adding a new location in Huntingdon and creating 375 new jobs as a result. Meanwhile, Ascent Buildings is creating 120 new jobs with their new headquarters in Sumner County. And lastly, TROY Industries is relocating from Massachusetts to Clarksville and creating 75 new jobs.

Keep reading to find out more about each of these investments!


Hydro-Gear is adding a new location in Right to Work Huntingdon, Tennessee with a $10 million investment. This will create 375 new jobs!

“Hydro-Gear has a 30-year history of providing the safest and most reliable drive systems to our customers. We are excited to announce this expansion of our business to Tennessee.” […]

“Supporting projects in our at-risk and distressed counties is a priority for TNECD, and a new company establishing operations in Carroll County will provide long term economic growth and opportunities for this community. These 375 new jobs will place Hydro-Gear as one of the top three employers in Carroll County, and we are thankful to everyone who played a role in bringing this successful company to Tennessee.” 


Ascent Buildings:

Ascent Buildings is investing over $10 million in order to establish headquarters in Right to Work Tennessee. This will create over 120 new jobs!

“Ascent Buildings’ decision to invest in Tennessee and create 120 family-wage job opportunities reinforces our state’s pro-business climate and skilled workforce. We look forward to seeing the positive impact this company will have on the residents of Portland and Sumner County.” […]

“[We] congratulate Ascent Buildings on its decision to locate operations and create new job opportunities in Portland. Helping to foster job creation and investment in the region is fundamental to TVA’s mission of service. We are proud to partner with Tennessee Department of Economic and Community Development and the city of Portland to help further that mission and support Ascent Buildings business success in the Valley.”


TROY Industries:

TROY Industries is relocating headquarters from Massachusetts to Right to Work Clarksville, Tennessee. This will create 75 new jobs!

“I appreciate TROY for choosing to relocate to Tennessee and am proud to partner with this world-renowned firearms manufacturer. When companies pick Tennessee to locate or expand their operations, it is a vote of confidence to our state’s business-friendly climate and skilled workforce. I thank TROY for this investment and the creation of new jobs for Tennesseans.” 


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