What Economic Developments are Happening in Tennessee?

Three companies are planning expansions in Right to Work Tennessee. These include Roadtec, JC Ford Company, and Robinson Manufacturing.

Roadtec will be expanding in Chattanooga while Robinson Manufacturing is expanding in Dayton. Meanwhile, JC Ford Company will be upgrading two facilities as well as adding a new facility in Columbia.

Altogether, these three businesses will invest a total of $15.2 million toward the state’s economy. In addition, they will also create 429 new jobs. So this will be great for the overall economy! Read on to find out more about each individual investment.


Roadtec is investing $6.2 million toward an expansion in Right to Work Chattanooga, Tennessee, which will create 128 new jobs!

“Thank you, Roadtec, for creating 130 new jobs that are well above the county median wage. Over 80 percent of projects in Hamilton County in the last five years have been expansions, which shows that once a business puts down roots here, it has plenty of reasons to stay and grow.” 


JC Ford Company:

JC Ford Company is investing $30 million in order to upgrade two facilities and add another one in Right to Work Columbia Tennessee. This will create 210 new jobs!

“JC Ford has been very impressed with the strong support that we have received from the local and regional communities to expand our operations to Columbia, Tennessee. We look forward to working with this high growth region and attracting the very best talent from the area’s strong manufacturing workforce. We [commit] to accelerating our business over the next few years, providing high quality jobs to the region, and investing in the community.” […]

“JC Ford will be geographically well-positioned for distribution and will benefit from our low cost of doing business and strong manufacturing workforce. We thank JC Ford for choosing Columbia, and we look forward to building a partnership with the company in the years ahead.”


Robinson Manufacturing:

Robinson Manufacturing is investing $15 million toward an expansion in Right to Work Dayton, Tennessee, which will create 91 new jobs!

“Robinson Manufacturing Company is proud to be able to expand our operations in Rhea County where it all started in 1927. Our deep roots in the generations of the people of Rhea County is the foundation of our success. We certainly look forward to our future as well as continuing to provide jobs for our great community.” […]


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