What Companies are Coming to Right to Work Tennessee?

Four companies are investing in Right to Work Tennessee. These include Advanced Correctional Healthcare, Company Distilling, Memphis Contract Packaging, and LG Electronics. Advanced Correctional Healthcare, Company Distilling, and Memphis Contract Packaging are all adding new locations while LG is expanding in Clarksville. Altogether, these businesses will create 713 new jobs for the state. Read on to find out more about each investment!

Advanced Correctional Healthcare:

Advanced Correctional Healthcare is relocating its headquarters to Franklin, Tennessee with a $2.5 million investment that will also create 58 new jobs.

“TVA and Middle Tennessee Electric congratulate Advanced Correctional Healthcare on its decision to locate in Williamson County. Helping to attract quality job opportunities for the people of the Valley is fundamental to TVA’s mission of service. We are proud to partner with Williamson Inc. and Tennessee Department of Economic and Community Development to help further that mission and support companies, like Advanced Correctional Healthcare’s business success.”


Company Distilling:

Company Distilling is investing $20.2 million toward two new locations in Right to Work Blount County, Tennessee. This will create 60 new jobs!

“We’re proud to welcome Company Distilling to Tennessee and thank the company for its $20 million investment in Blount County. Company Distilling’s leadership team has a vast knowledge of the industry as well as the business landscape of the state, and I know the company will find great success in East Tennessee.”


Memphis Contract Packaging:

Memphis Contract Packaging is adding a new location in Right to Work Somerville, Tennessee. This $48 million investment will also create 261 new jobs!

“Supporting long-term investments in rural Tennessee is one of our top priorities, and this expansion will boost the local economy in Fayette County. I thank Memphis Contract Packaging for creating these new 261 jobs and look forward to seeing the benefit they will provide in West Tennessee.”


LG Electronics:

LG Electronics is expanding in Right to Work Clarksville, Tennessee. This will create 334 new jobs for people in Montgomery County.

“LG established operations in Clarksville four years ago, and has since provided great value and investment for the community. […] I thank the LG team for choosing to grow in Tennessee, creating more than 300 new jobs in Montgomery County. We are proud to have such a respected brand call our state home.”


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