What Businesses are Investing in Right to Work Tennessee?

Three businesses that are investing in Right to Work Tennessee include Colonial Chemical, BRS Offroad North America, and Miller Industries.

Colonial Chemical is expanding in New Hope with a $13 million investment that will also create 44 new jobs. Meanwhile, Miller Industries is improving its location in Greeneville with a $15.4 million investment. This will create 80 new jobs for the area. Lastly, BRS Offroad is putting headquarters in Lewis County. This will be covered by a $1.7 million investment which will also create 115 new jobs.

Altogether, these three companies will create 239 new jobs all across the state. So this is great news for the Right to Work state! Read on to find out more about each investment.

Colonial Chemical:

“We’re proud to celebrate Colonial Chemical’s expansion in Marion County. Southeast Tennessee’s business landscape continues to grow due to the skilled workforce of our rural communities. I’d like to thank Colonial Chemical for creating new opportunities for the residents of New Hope and Marion County.” […]

“Colonial Chemical has been a valued partner in Marion County for nearly 25 years, and this project will enable the company to support future growth. I congratulate Colonial Chemical on this expansion and thank the company for its continued commitment to Tennessee.” 


BRS Offroad North America:

“We congratulate BRS Offroad for establishing new headquarters and manufacturing operations in Lewis County. BRS Offroad manufactures some of the highest quality RVs in the world, and we are proud to partner with the company on this project.” […]

“This is a great opportunity[…], which will bring much-needed jobs and revenue to Hohenwald and Lewis County. I can only say again, thank you all for making this happen. I look forward to a wonderful working and community relationship with BRS Offroad.” 


Miller Industries:

“Since last year we have located over 20 transportation and distribution-related projects that represent an investment of $1.2 billion in Tennessee. Miller Industries’ continued investment and job creation is a testament to our state’s exceptional workforce, and we thank the company for contributing to the success and growth of Greene County in the years ahead.”


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