How Many Jobs are Coming to Right to Work Tennessee?

Three businesses are investing in Right to Work Tennessee. They include Gap Inc and Choate Engineering Performance, as well as Mullen Technologies. Gap Inc will be expanding in Gallatin while Choate and Mullen are both adding new locations. Choate will be locating in Bolivar, and Mullen will be locating in Memphis.

But what’s really exciting about these business investments are the job opportunities they will be creating! Gap alone will create 600 new jobs and Choate is creating 100 new jobs while Mullen creates 800 new jobs! Altogether, this comes to a total of 1,500 new jobs across the state. So this shows how Right to Work states like this one create new opportunities for businesses and workers alike!

Read on to find out more about each investment!

Gap Inc:

“Gap Inc. has a long and prosperous relationship with the City of Gallatin that began over 20 years ago. As we work to give our customers the best experience wherever they are shopping and grow our digital business, we are thrilled to continue investing in our valued team members and community partners in Sumner County and create new jobs to support online fulfillment.”


Choate Engineering Performance:

“With more than 900 automotive related companies doing business in our state, Tennessee has earned its position as a global leader in the automotive industry. We appreciate Choate Engineering Performance for pledging to create 100 new, family-wage jobs in Hardeman County, one of the state’s least economically prosperous counties, and wish the company much success with its new operations in Bolivar.”


Mullen Technologies:

“This is only the beginning of fulfilling our promise to attract new businesses in innovative industry sectors that will bring good-paying jobs, 800 of them to be exact in this case, to the community. We will continue to aggressively seek this type of growth in advanced automotive manufacturing for Memphis and Shelby County, while at the same time continuing to pursue other industries that create good-paying, sustainable jobs.”


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