Which Companies are Investing in Right to Work Tennessee?

Three companies are investing in the state of Tennessee, which are Royal Canin, NTT Data, and Amazon! Royal Canin will be making a major expansion in Wilson County. Meanwhile, NTT will be adding a new location in Nashville, and Amazon will be adding a delivery station in Knoxville.

Altogether, these three businesses will create hundreds of new jobs all over Tennessee. So this will be a great economic addition! Read on to find out more about each investment.

Royal Canin:

“We are incredibly proud that Tennessee is home to Mars Petcare’s headquarters and pleased to see its brands grow and find success in our state. Expansions like this are supported by Tennessee’s pro-business environment and skilled workforce, and we thank Royal Canin for its continued investment in Wilson County.”


NTT Data:

“NTT DATA provides game-changing IT solutions to some of the world’s best-known brands, and we are proud to add them to the portfolio of successful global companies that call Tennessee home. Nashville continues to be recognized as one of the top cities in the country for recruiting new talent. We thank NTT DATA for creating exceptional opportunities for the region’s workforce.”



“Amazon is one of the most well-known global brands[.] We’re proud of the partnership Tennessee has established with the company. [We have] pledged to create nearly 3,000 jobs across all three grand divisions of our state within the past year.[ So ]this new investment in Knoxville simply adds to that tremendous growth. I congratulate everyone who was involved with this project and thank Amazon for its continued commitment to Tennessee.” […]

“TVA and Knoxville Utilities Board congratulate Amazon on its decision to locate operations and create hundreds of new job opportunities in Knoxville. Helping to support job creation is fundamental to TVA’s mission of service[…].”


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