Companies Add New Right to Work South Carolina Locations

Businesses are continually choosing to locate to South Carolina as a result of the great economic environment the Right to Work state provides. The latest additions to Right to Work South Carolina’s economy are Pallidus and Milo’s Tea Company. Read on in order to find out more!


Pallidus is investing $443 million in order to relocate, establish, and create 405 new jobs in Right to Work Rock Hill, South Carolina.

“Innovative technology companies like Pallidus are helping to lead the way in this time of industry transformation. We appreciate Pallidus’ commitment to York County and confidence in South Carolina to be a partner for the future.” […]

“We welcome Pallidus and are excited to have their company relocate to York County. The state of South Carolina, along with our region, continues to be a magnet for innovative, next-generation companies like Pallidus. Success stories like these, within our targeted industries, are a testament to our streamlined, dual-state economic development capabilities.”


Milo’s Tea Company:

Milo’s Tea Company is investing $130 million in order to establish a new facility in Right to Work Moore, South Carolina and create 103 new jobs.

“South Carolina’s incredible workforce and business-friendly climate provide the perfect ingredients for Milo’s Tea Company’s new operations. We welcome this family-owned company to Spartanburg County and look forward to the success they will brew in our state.” […]

“Every time a popular, established brand brings operations to Spartanburg County, it grows our presence in the region and the country, and just goes to further prove how good a place Spartanburg County is to do business. We are excited to welcome Milo’s to Spartanburg County and eager to have some of the first tea brewed at their facility.”


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