Companies are Flocking to Right to Work Georgia!

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Three companies are coming soon to Right to Work Georgia. These include Freshly, Semperit Group, and Plug Power. Freshly will be locating to Ellenwood, Semperit Group will be in Newnan, and Plug Power will be in Kingsland! Altogether, these companies will create 759 new jobs. This also shows how Right to Work states such as Georgia attract successful businesses. This, in turn, then creates new economic opportunities for the state.

Read on to learn more about each individual investment!


Freshly Inc is adding a new location in Right to Work Ellenwood, Georgia with a $52 million investment. This will also create 665 new jobs for Clayton County.

“It is exciting to see them continue to expand here and create hundreds of jobs for Georgians. […] Freshly’s growth in the state is a testament to how well companies have adapted to rapidly changing consumer behaviors and to Georgia, with our strong logistics infrastructure, being the ideal place for companies within this growing sector to locate and expand.” […]

“We are pleased by Freshly’s fast-paced growth in metro Atlanta to meet the food needs of our rapidly growing population[…]. Congratulations to Freshly on their continued business success and to our economic development partners who supported this investment that will create economic opportunity for the residents of metro Atlanta.”



Semperit Group is adding a new location soon in Right to Work Newnan, Georgia with a $9 million investment. This will also 70 new jobs!

“Customer intimacy is one of Semperit’s strategic guiding principles. With our commitment and investments in a market-oriented approach, stronger focus on applications, and faster product development, we want to drive growth in North and South America.” […]

“We have seen substantial growth in the Americas in recent years and we are convinced that our strengthened regional focus, plus the establishment of the US headquarters, in combination with a new production site, will strongly support in meeting our increased customer requirements while allowing us to service customers faster and more efficiently. […] The new headquarters and manufacturing footprint will also allow for improved operating efficiencies, increased supply chain and logistics management, and enhanced communications for our region.”


Plug Power:

Plug Power is investing $84 million in order to add a new location in Right to Work Kingsland, Georgia. This will also create 24 new jobs for Camden County!

“Georgia is a great place to do business, and because of that, we continue to attract the jobs of the future. […] Many thanks to Plug Power for choosing to invest in Georgia, and for helping bolster our green technology ecosystem. Congratulations to our partners in Camden County, and thank you for your efforts to help bring jobs to Georgia that positively impact our economy and our environment.” […]

“We are proud to welcome Plug Power to Camden County. […] The Authority was happy to structure a package that is beneficial for the company and the community and we are grateful for the cooperation between our partners; Okefenokee EMC, the Georgia Department of Economic Development and the City of Kingsland. This type of forward-thinking collaboration is what makes projects work in Southeast Georgia.”


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