What Businesses are Coming to Right to Work Georgia?

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Three new businesses are coming soon to Right to Work Georgia. These include Brightmark, Duckyang, and IC Biomedical. Each one will be adding a new location somewhere within the state. Brightmark will be locating in Macon-Bibb with a $680 million investment. In addition, Duckyang will be creating 285 new jobs with their new location in Braselton. And lastly, IC Biomedical is adding a new facility in Cartersville. Altogether, these businesses will create an economic boost. Read on to find out more about each individual investment.


Brightmark is investing $680 million soon in Right to Work Macon-Bibb County, Georgia. Find out why and what this will mean for the economy!

“We are excited to build our next plastics renewal facility in Macon-Bibb[…]. Our advanced recycling facility will be the world’s largest and will utilize our proven plastics renewal technology to advance our mission of reimagining waste, while supporting economic development in the region. We look forward to being a part of the community.” […]

“Georgia’s pro-business environment and support for private-sector innovation continues to pave the way toward a more sustainable future, not only in Georgia but across the world. […] It’s exciting to consider the potential for this project, and I’m thankful to Brightmark for investing in Georgia and the hardworking Georgians of Macon.” […]



Duckyang is investing $10 million soon toward its first US manufacturing location in Right to Work Braselton, Georgia. This will create 285 new jobs!

“In Georgia, we’re focused on growing the entire electric mobility supply chain. […] Our strong relationships with SK Battery America and other Korean companies, such as Duckyang, are helping us do just that. This is also a great example of how we help our companies bring their suppliers to the state in order to secure their local supply of needed parts. I appreciate our partners in Jackson County for their support of these projects and look forward to seeing the new opportunities this will create locally and for the entire U.S. mobility sector.” […]

“As the automotive industry continues to move toward electric, great companies like Duckyang are helping Jackson County and the State of Georgia secure a place in the industry’s future. […] We’re very excited to welcome Duckyang to our community!”


IC Biomedical:

IC Biomedical is investing millions toward a new manufacturing facility in Right to Work Cartersville, Georgia. This will also create over 80 new jobs.

“Georgia was the obvious choice for us, a highly trained workforce, transport links, and a state infrastructure committed to the life science sector that is able to support our business in a way no other location could offer.”

“Congratulations to IC Biomedical on the selection of Cartersville for their new manufacturing facility. […] We are [glad] to have IC Biomedical join metro Atlanta’s growing life sciences community with assets like Emory School of Medicine, Morehouse School of Medicine, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Georgia Tech and the many businesses engaged in research, development, manufacturing, and distribution of life science related products and supplies.”


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