Companies are Locating to Right to Work Arkansas

Companies are locating to Arkansas as a result of the state’s Right to Work laws. Two of the most recent Arkansas business investments are coming from Sierra Group Roofing and W&W|AFCO Steel. Read on in order to learn more about each company’s plans.

Sierra Group Roofing:

Sierra Group Roofing is investing $1.6 million in order to add headquarters in Right to Work Blytheville, Arkansas, creating 40 new jobs.

“Arkansas is a great environment for small businesses, especially small businesses that are active and involved in their communities and local economies like Sierra Group Roofing and Solar is. […] Sierra Group is a great example of a company that is poised to make strides in the growing steel industry, and we wish them well as they embark on this latest venture.”


W&W|AFCO Steel:

W&W|AFCO Steel is investing $18.7 million in order to add a new location in Right to Work Little Rock, Arkansas. This will also create 115 new jobs!

“W&W|AFCO Steel is proud to announce this expansion in Little Rock. Our bridge operations are headquartered in Little Rock and we are happy to seize the opportunity to make a productive plant out of this vacant building.” […]

“W&W|AFCO Steel’s decision to expand in Little Rock further solidifies our state’s position as a national steel leader. […] With a skilled workforce and competitive business environment, we continue to build on the economic momentum we’ve been seeing the past couple of years. I’m confident this expansion will continue to allow the company to reach their full potential.”

“W&W|AFCO Steel has been a staple of Little Rock’s manufacturing industry for over a century. […] It is always gratifying to see home grown companies have the opportunity to expand here and continue to add to our community’s vibrant future.”


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