What do Bryce Corporation and Synthesia Technology Have in Common?

Bryce Corporation and Synthesia Technology are both investing soon in Right to Work Arkansas! Bryce Corporation is expand in Searcy. Meanwhile, Synthesia Technology is adding a new location in Little Rock. Altogether, these two companies will create 204 new jobs. So this is exciting news!

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Bryce Corporation:

Bryce Corporation is expanding in Right to Work Searcy, Arkansas with an $80 million investment that will also create 142 new jobs!

“It’s always a great day in Arkansas when our existing businesses announce expansions, and this is no exception. […] For decades, Bryce Corporation has been a strong community partner. Their investment in Searcy speaks volumes about their confidence in the city’s workforce and quality of life, and I wish the company well as they enter this next phase of growth.” […]

“We would like to thank the city of Searcy and White County leadership teams, the Chamber of Commerce and the Arkansas Economic Development Commission for their partnership and support throughout this process. We also appreciate the residents of White County, many of whom are current and retired team members of Bryce Corporation.” […]

“Arkansas’ economy continues to grow thanks to the commitment of both our businesses and our communities. […] I’m pleased that Bryce Corporation has found the tools they need to grow and succeed in Searcy. Their decision to expand their facility will diversify and strengthen the area’s economy and provide good jobs to hardworking citizens. I look forward to continuing our partnership in the future.”


Synthesia Technology:

Synthesia Technology is investing $29 million toward a new facility in Right to Work Little Rock, Arkansas. This will create 50 new jobs!

“It is a pleasure to welcome Synthesia as they establish their first U.S. facility right here in Arkansas. […] With all Arkansas has to offer—our central location, our diverse infrastructure, our robust workforce, and our low cost of living, just to name a few—I am confident that Arkansas has the tools to support Synthesia as they enter U.S. markets and continue their path to success.”

“We are pleased to welcome another great company to Arkansas,. […] Our business community continues to expand as more and more companies come to Arkansas and see for themselves that this state is the best place to do business. It’s been a pleasure to assist Synthesia in their search for a site, and I trust that they will find central Arkansas to be the perfect fit for their new facility.” […]

“It is always exciting to welcome a new company to the Port. […] This is yet another example of how proactive preparation through Entergy’s Select Site program positioned us to move quickly to secure this project. In addition to their physical presence, Synthesia will be a rail user and we look forward to supporting them for years to come.”


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