Companies Create Thousands of Right to Work Tennessee Jobs

Tennessee provides a number of economic benefits to companies and workers as a result of its Right to Work laws. And these recent investments are proof of that. Four companies that are investing in Right to Work Tennessee are Lodge Manufacturing, Steam Logistics, IMC Logistics, and Smith & Wesson. All of these are expansions, with the exception of Smith & Wesson. They, on the other hand, are relocating here from a Forced Unionism state.

Altogether, these businesses will create a total of 1,547 new jobs. So this is incredible news! Read on in order to learn more about each investment.

Lodge Manufacturing Company:

Lodge Manufacturing Company is creating 239 new jobs in Right to Work South Pittsburg, Tennessee as a result of a $56 million expansion here.

“The Lodge business has thrived because of its commitment to quality, innovation, people and community. These four pillars make Lodge a special place to work, and we are proud to call South Pittsburg, Tennessee home. Consumers in the U.S. and around the world are spending more time cooking and cooking in cast iron makes everything taste better. We are blessed with strong demand for our brand and are excited to continue to invest in our future.” […]

“Lodge is a storied American brand whose products can be found in homes and eateries around the world. We are proud to be home to this 125-year-old family-owned company and appreciate Lodge for its continued investment and the addition of over 200 new, family-wage jobs in Marion County.”


Steam Logistics:

Steam Logistics is expanding in Right to Work Chattanooga, Tennessee with a $6.8 million investment that will also create over 400 new jobs!

“We are proud to be a Tennessee business and to call Chattanooga our home. We have seen the dramatic growth of our industry in this city, and we look forward to continuing to do our part to drive it forward and to create excellent employment opportunities for the people of this region. The investments we are making are a testament to the supportive business environment in Chattanooga, Hamilton County and Tennessee, and we are excited about the contributions we are making here.” […]

“Since 2016, companies in the transportation, distribution and logistics sector have invested $4.5 billion in Tennessee. Steam Logistics’ $7 million investment in Chattanooga will add to that growing number while strengthening Tennessee’s position as a leader in this industry.” 


IMC Logistics:

IMC Companies is investing $23 million in order to expand its headquarters in Right to Work Collierville, Tennessee. This will also create 158 new jobs!

“Growth has always been part of the culture at IMC Companies. Moving our corporate headquarters to Collierville is a defining moment for us. I’m proud to be able to expand our investment in Tennessee where we started IMC Companies 40 years ago.” […]

“Tennessee ranks No. 1 in the Southeast for job growth in the headquarters, finance and tech industry with more than 178,000 Tennesseans employed by companies in this sector. IMC’s decision to expand in Shelby County underscores the state’s business-friendly climate and skilled workforce, and we appreciate the company’s continued investment in West Tennessee.” 


Smith & Wesson:

Smith & Wesson are relocating headquarters soon to Right to Work Maryville, Tennessee with a $125 million investment. This will also create 750 new jobs!

“Tennessee is known by the brands that call our state home, and Smith & Wesson adds an enormous boost to our portfolio. We know that Smith & Wesson could have chosen anywhere in the world to relocate its operations and headquarters, and the fact they chose Tennessee underscores our state’s business-friendly environment and highly skilled workforce. The magnitude of this project will have a lasting impact on our state for years to come. We appreciate the company for its significant investment in East Tennessee.”  […]

“Attracting and retaining good companies with above average wages is something the Blount Partnership and the Tennessee Department of Economic Development actively strive for when recruiting new businesses to the area. Smith & Wesson’s headquarters continue to raise the profile of our community as the best place for business. Welcome to Blount County.”


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