Former Clinton NLRB Member “Mystified” by NLRB Actions in South Carolina

The NLRB’s action against South Carolina Boeing employees is mystifying even to a former NLRB Board member appointed by pro-Big Labor President Bill Clinton.

Bill Gould, a Clinton Administration Board member is “mystified” by the NLRB’s actions. “The Boeing case is unprecedented,” he says. “I agree with much of what this board has done and is likely to do, but I don’t agree with what the general counsel has done in the Boeing case. The general counsel is trying to equate an employer’s concern with strikes that disrupt production and make it difficult to make deadlines—he’s trying to equate that with hostility toward trade unionism. I don’t think that makes sense.”

From the Slate post, Air Rage by David Weigel:

Bill Gould has some advice for the labor movement: Turn back. Turn back before it’s too late.

“The administration is acting like a bunch of thugs,” said Sen. Jim DeMint. “If this is checks and balances, God help our country,” said Gov. Nikki Haley. “This is nothing more than bullying by the labor unions. This is President Obama and Harry Reid carrying their water.”