Guess What’s New With Right to Work Texas’ Economy!

Companies are choosing to locate to Right to Work Texas as a result of the economic benefits of it being a Right to Work State. Two of the most recent Right to Work Texas investments are coming from Francis Innovation Operations (FIO) and Producer Owned Beef. Read on in order to find out how these businesses will positively impact Texas’ economy.

Francis Innovation Operations (FIO):

FIO is investing $30 million in order to add a new location in Right to Work Lufkin, Texas. As a result, this will also create 100 new jobs!

“FIO is pleased to announce our state-of-the-art facility will be in Lufkin, Texas. We chose Lufkin because of the central location, competitive economic incentives and unique opportunity to be located in a Foreign Trade Zone. Bob Samford and his team did an outstanding job of representing the city and we are excited about being in Lufkin.” […]

“FIO has over 40 years of successful business experience and family leadership. Lufkin is honored to have been selected by the company as the location of this patent pending technology. Our City continues to showcase the attributes of our geographical location and the strong regional support from surrounding counties workforce.”


Producer Owned Beef:

Producer Owned Beef is creating 1,500 new jobs as a result of a new location in Right to Work Amarillo, Texas. This will also be covered by a $670 million investment.

“We are excited about the continued momentum of Producer Owned Beef with the Governor’s support through the Texas Enterprise Fund. […] This further reinforces the Amarillo Economic Development Corporation and the City of Amarillo’s commitment to building our new beef processing plant in Amarillo.” […]

“‘Made in Texas’ is a powerful global brand and continues to attract investment from companies serving crucial industries. […] Producer Owned Beef’s selection of Amarillo for its new beef processing plant further reinforces the Panhandle as a leader in U.S. beef and beef production and will create over 1,500 new jobs and millions in investment for the region. We welcome Producer Owned Beef to Amarillo and look forward to working with the company to keep Texas the economic engine of the nation.” […]

“Producer Owned Beef will have an incredible impact on the Amarillo area through the estimated $670 million in capital expenditure and $120 million in annual payroll. […] This project further positions Amarillo as a global leader in food processing. Being selected as POB’s location for operation signifies that Amarillo is and will continue to be an ideal location to do business. Thank you to the Governor’s Office for their support in awarding the Texas Enterprise Fund grant.”


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