Here are Some Major Investments Happening in RTW Virginia

Right to Work Virginia is welcoming several business investments soon! These are coming from great companies such as Perdue Agribusiness, A. Duie Pyle, and Thermo Fisher Scientific. Each investment is unique and will also bring new economic opportunities to the state. Read on in order to find out more about each individual investment!

Perdue Agribusiness:

Perdue Agribusiness is expanding soon in Right to Work Chesapeake, Virginia. This comes as a result of a $59.1 million investment.

“Perdue AgriBusiness has a long history of contributing to the Commonwealth’s robust and diverse agriculture industry, and we congratulate the company on its expanding operation. […] Partnerships like this between processor and farmer are strong examples of how we can work together to help bring economic vitality and opportunity to all corners of the Commonwealth. We look forward to the company’s continued success and thank Perdue for its confidence in Virginia.” […]


A. Duie Pyle:

A. Duie Pyle is adding locations in Right to Work Manassas, Richmond, and Roanoke, Virginia. This will create a total of 75 new jobs!

“A. Duie Pyle’s new facilities will be a substantial addition to Virginia’s diverse logistics sector and bring valuable jobs and an economic boost to three cities. […] Securing a project that spans several regions of the Commonwealth says a great deal about our strategic location, competitive operating costs and top-notch workforce, and we look forward to partnering with Pyle.” […]

“The Greater Richmond Partnership welcomes A. Duie Pyle to the robust supply chain and logistics community in the region. […] As a community that prides itself on ESG factors, we’re thrilled to welcome such a leader in sustainable supply chain practices.” […]

“I am excited to welcome A. Duie Pyle to the Roanoke Region. […] With a strategic location on the Interstate 81 corridor, the Roanoke Region is primed for investment from companies seeking a location with strong market access. Investment from A. Duie Pyle is both a testament and a complement to the region’s logistical advantages.”


Thermo Fisher Scientific:

Thermo Fisher Scientific is expanding soon in Right to work Richmond, Virginia with a $97 million investment. This will create over 500 new jobs!

“Thermo Fisher’s expanding footprint and creation of more than 500 new jobs is a major win for the Greater Richmond region and Virginia’s life sciences industry. […] This sector has gained significant momentum in the Commonwealth due to our research institutions, skilled talent and advanced innovation ecosystem. We are proud of the company’s developments happening right here in Virginia.” […]

“When top life sciences companies like Thermo Fisher choose to locate and reinvest in Virginia, it strengthens our commitment to ensure a business climate and industry workforce that catalyzes growth and innovation. […] We thank the company for its major investment and creating over 500 new jobs for hardworking Virginians.” […]

“More than 30 leading pharmaceutical companies and manufacturers have chosen the region as their home. […] We welcome the Thermo Fisher team to this section of our growing life sciences community”


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