Here are the Most Recent Companies Locating to RTW Tennessee

Companies are continuing to invest in Right to Work Tennessee. Some companies adding new locations soon include AriensCo, Buffalo River Truss, and Five Star Food Service. Read on in order to learn more about each individual investment.


AriensCo is investing $38 million in order to add a new location in Right to Work Fayetteville, Tennessee, creating 369 new jobs.

“We’re excited to add Fayetteville, Tennessee, to the places we call home. AriensCo isn’t just a power equipment company, we’re a fifth-generation family business of passionate people dedicated to astounding our customers. We are thrilled to bring employees from the Fayetteville area into the family business. This strategic location will bring more of our products to our dealer partners in the fast-growing southern U.S.” […]

“Tennessee is defined by the brands that call our state home, so we are proud to add AriensCo to the roster of global companies doing business in the Volunteer State. We appreciate AriensCo’s significant investment in Lincoln County and believe that Fayetteville will be the ideal location for Ariens as it expands its manufacturing footprint to Tennessee.”


Buffalo River Truss:

Buffalo River Truss is investing $1.4 million in order to add a new location in Right to Work Lobelville, Tennessee. This will also create 40 new jobs!

“We feel blessed and excited to continue serving our community with new employment opportunities in Perry County. This expansion will allow us to add product lines, develop better career opportunities and strengthen community relationships.” […]

“When a company like Buffalo River Truss chooses to expand in Tennessee, it is not only a testament to our state’s skilled workforce and business-friendly climate, but also the community that the company calls home.”


Five Star Food Service:

Five Star Food Service is expanding and relocating soon to Right to Work Chattanooga, Tennessee. This will then create new economic opportunities.

“Five Star has been blessed by incredible growth, and we are excited to partner with Riverside Development to rehabilitate a historic Chattanooga building to expand our workplace.” […]

“TNECD strives to provide our companies with more than a place to do business. Our goal is that companies like Five Star will find a home in Tennessee to grow and hopefully expand. We appreciate Five Star’s decision to expand in Hamilton County and look forward to seeing the company’s continued success in our state.” […]

“TVA and EPB congratulate Five Star on its decision to expand operations in Chattanooga. Helping to support existing industries expand and create new job opportunities and investment in the Valley is fundamental to TVA’s mission of service.”


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