Here’s an Economic Update on Right to Work West Virginia

Two of the most recent Right to Work West Virginia are coming from Toyota and CS Global Group. Toyota will soon be expanding in one of its West Virginia locations. Meanwhile, CS Global is adding a new location!


Toyota is investing $240 million in order to expand in Right to Work Buffalo, West Virginia. So this is great news for the economy!

“Toyota West Virginia is preparing for future market needs as demand increases in the area of vehicle electrification. […] The investment will fund targeted improvements that will increase our flexibility and competitiveness, allowing us to be in a better position to directly respond to shifting customer demand for higher efficiency vehicles.” […]

“Toyota has long been an outstanding corporate partner and engine for economic growth in our state. […] I’m proud knowing that it’ll be West Virginians helping lead the way as Toyota continues to invest in future technologies and products that’ll help get our friends and neighbors to their destinations more efficiently and safer than ever before.”


CS Global:

CS Global Group is investing $10 million in order to locate its first US manufacturing facility in Right to Work Moundsville, West Virginia. This will create 47 new jobs!

“We are so pleased and excited to have found our home base in West Virginia. […] West Virginia offers easy access to major cities, and from our experience so far, it’s so welcoming with hospitality, a warm and friendly network and agencies. As a final note, you’ve got to be in it to win it. We are here to grow many more years to come.” […]

“An announcement like this just goes to show that the outside world is finally waking up to the fact that West Virginia is the diamond in the rough they all missed.” […]

“[We’re glad] to welcome ADO Industries to West Virginia and help them bring their business to the Northern Panhandle and provide good-paying jobs to the incredible people of Marshall County and Moundsville. […] We look forward to working with ADO Industries and CS Global Group for many years to come.” […]

“We are fortunate to have a great partner in the West Virginia Department of Economic Development and the strong leadership of the Marshall County Commission. […] Together, they have created great opportunities to welcome investments and job creation in West Virginia. We appreciate the commitment ADO Industries Inc. has made to our region and we look forward to supporting their success.”


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