Here’s the Latest On Right to Work Arizona’s Economy

Companies old and new are choosing to invest in Right to Work Arizona. Some of these already have locations within the state, while others are adding new locations here. Businesses investing in Right to Work Arizona include Sion Power and American Battery Factory, as well as FrameTec. Altogether, these companies will create a total of 630 new jobs. So this is exciting news! Read on in order to learn more.

Sion Power Corporation:

Sion Power Corporation is investing $341 million in order to expand in Right to Work Tucson, Arizona. This will also create 150 new jobs!

“The global construction of battery manufacturing plants is occurring at a rapid pace, and the United States can’t be left behind. […] With our facility expansion in Tucson, Arizona, it will allow Sion Power to further our mission of scaling battery manufacturing from research and development to commercialization. This enables us to better serve our customers and their applications.” […]

“Sion Power’s expansion further emphasizes Arizona’s global leadership in battery and EV technologies. […] We are excited Sion Power will continue its impressive legacy in Tucson, manufacturing batteries for electric vehicles while expanding Arizona’s battery supply chain.” […]

“Beyond business attraction, another critical aspect to economic development success is to help local headquarter companies like Sion Power expand,. […] We’re thrilled to see this expansion include innovative and next-gen technologies that offer high-skilled jobs to our community.”


American Battery Factory:

American Battery Factory is investing $1.2 billion in order to establish a gigafactory in Right to Work Tucson, Arizona. This will also create 300 new jobs.

“This investment represents a generational opportunity both for us as a company and for Tucson as a community as a means to truly make energy independence a reality for everyone. […] We are honored to start this journey in Tucson and give back to the community through innovation, quality job creation, revenue generation and environmental protection.” […]

“With this announcement, American Battery Factory has elevated Arizona’s reputation as a national epicenter for battery manufacturing. […] American Battery Factory’s new facility and headquarters will advance Southern Arizona’s vibrant technology ecosystem while creating hundreds of skilled jobs and drive further economic growth to our state.” […]

“American Battery Factory joins prominent regional and corporate headquarters in Southern Arizona, such as Raytheon Missiles & Defense, Caterpillar and Hexagon’s Mining division, among others.”



FrameTec is investing $40 million in order to establish a new location in Right to Work Camp Verde, Arizona. This will also create 180 new jobs!

“We couldn’t possibly be more excited about the start of construction of our first facility. […] The most exciting aspect of FrameTec is that we are bringing solutions to the construction industry.”

“FrameTec’s new facility and U.S. headquarters showcases Arizona’s attractiveness for innovative, advanced manufacturing operations. […] With a focus on sustainability, FrameTec’s Camp Verde facility will strengthen Yavapai County’s manufacturing industry and create skilled jobs throughout the community.”


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