Here’s the Latest on Right to Work Louisiana’s Economy

There’s always something new happening in Right to Work Louisiana, and we have some great investments as proof! Some companies are adding new locations soon, while others are expanding. Businesses investing in Right to Work Louisiana include ASH Industries and Teal Jones Group, as well as GDIT! Altogether, they will create a total of 635 new jobs for the state. So this is exciting news!

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ASH Industries:

ASH Industries is investing $5 million in order to expand in Right to Work Lafayette Parish, Louisiana. As a result, this will create 85 new jobs.

“ASH Industries is optimistic about the future of manufacturing in Louisiana and so far has launched phase one of a three-phase program to invest in jobs in our community.” […]

“The expansion of ASH Industries is an important job creation project for the skilled workforce in Lafayette. […] For more than 30 years, ASH has fostered a strong team, and is set to grow that team further, a testament to the opportunities available in Louisiana’s manufacturing industry.” […]

“Hartie Spence and ASH Industries are exemplary examples of the ingenuity and innovation found across Lafayette Parish and Acadiana. […] We are appreciative of ASH Industries’ investment and continued growth in North Lafayette. The 85 jobs created by this expansion will provide quality employment opportunities for nearby residents in advanced manufacturing, which is one of LEDA’s target industries.”


Teal Jones Group:

Teal Jones Group will be creating 500 new jobs in Right to Work Bossier Parish, Louisiana as a result of a $110 million investment toward a new location.

“We are excited to invest in this project, one that will bring long-term prosperity, jobs and other development opportunities in rail and infrastructure to Plain Dealing, Louisiana. […] Teal Jones is a family owned and operated forestry company with operations spreading throughout Canada and the United States. The Plain Dealing mill is an exciting and important step in our continued expansion.” […]

“Louisiana’s wealth of timber resources has made it a prime destination for lumber and sawmill business operations for many years. […] We’re gratified that Teal Jones has chosen to become a part of that long tradition. This project will stimulate economic activity, create good jobs in Louisiana’s Northwest Region and contribute to the revitalization of our state’s rural communities. It is a powerful reaffirmation of the important role our state’s agribusiness sector plays in the growth and diversification of Louisiana’s economy.” […]

“Having these critical strategic incentives and the active participation of our local and state partners enabled GBEDF to help get the project approved and funded expeditiously for Teal Jones Group. It’s exciting to see our collaborative process working for the good of the region and bringing new economic prosperity to this community.”



GDIT is officially open for business in Right to Work New Orleans, Louisiana. So now, they can start hiring and they plan to hire 50 new people!

“The opening of this mission-critical GDIT facility in New Orleans continues Louisiana’s long and rich history of supporting the U.S. military. […] The decision to locate on the University of New Orleans campus demonstrates the important role that higher-education partnerships play in supporting the growth of the technology sector in our state. On behalf of the State of Louisiana, congratulations to GDIT, UNO and the state, regional and local partners who worked together to make this project a reality.”

“The creation of this General Dynamics IT office is an excellent example of the synergy between high tech and higher education in the Greater New Orleans region. […] This announcement is a triple-win: General Dynamics will get custom-trained students, the US Navy will receive cutting-edge technology, and UNO students will have world-class job opportunities.”


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