Hundreds of Jobs for Right to Work Texas

Businesses are always finding themselves gravitating toward Texas. After all, the Right to Work state provides incredible economic benefits to businesses and employees alike. So it’s no wonder why Hendrick Health, ABI Windows, and CertainTeed are all choosing to invest in Right to Work Texas. Altogether, they will create hundreds of new jobs for the state.

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Hendrick Health:

Hendrick Health is expanding and creating 151 new jobs in Right to Work Abilene, Texas, as a result of a $9 million investment.

“Our commitment to providing exceptional healthcare services to our patients is unwavering, and our partnership with the Development Corporation of Abilene to expand our back office and warehouse operation is another step in this direction. […] With the addition of this new location at the Mall of Abilene, we will be better equipped to serve our patients and ensure they have access to the care they need, when they need it.” […]

“Our existing businesses are the backbone of our community, and we are proud to partner with Hendrick Health as their operations continue to expand. […] The DCOA is committed to building long-term partnerships with local existing companies, as growing Abilene’s existing businesses remains one of our top priorities.”


ABI Windows:

ABI Windows is investing $42.5 million in order to establish operations and create 175 new jobs in Right to Work Abilene, Texas.

“We are excited to join and invest in the Abilene community. […] We chose Abilene for our new facility because of its ideal location, quality workforce, and the opportunity for future growth. We look forward to expanding into this great community.” […]

“This is the eighth largest project in the DCOA’s 34-Year History. It is of particular note that the project is in the DCOA’s Five Points Business Park as we continue to show the benefits of Abilene around the country and world. We have the land, space, opportunity, and expertise to grow businesses year after year in Abilene.”



CertainTeed is investing $140 million in order to add a new location and create 130 new jobs in Right to Work Bryan, Texas.

“Exceptional global companies, like CertainTeed, are investing in Texas because we offer unmatched business operating advantages, including a world-class business climate, highly skilled workforce, reasonable regulations, and lower taxes. […] Located in the heart of the Texas Triangle, Bryan is a prime location for CertainTeed’s new manufacturing and distribution facility. The future of Texas is bright, and I look forward to an ongoing partnership with CertainTeed as we continue to expand opportunities for all Texans.” […]

“The Brazos Valley and CertainTeed are a great fit. […] We share assets and values, including outstanding workforces. From the center of the Texas Triangle megaregion, CertainTeed will reach millions of Texans and Americans with their quality products. It has been a pleasure for us to work with their team, and we offer our continued support as they locate and grow here.”


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