It’s True, Companies Choose Right to Work Tennessee

Companies continue to choose to invest in Right to Work Tennessee. In fact, we have four great examples right here! Some of the most recent Right to Work Tennessee investments are coming from Duksan Electera and iFixit, as well as TechnologyAdvice and Tennessee Hills Distillery.

Duksan Electera:

Duksan Electera is investing $96 million in order to add its first North American location in Right to Work Shelbyville, Tennessee. This will create 101 new jobs!

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank Bedford County, the City of Shelbyville and all associated officials for providing Duksan Electera with this exciting opportunity as we take the first steps towards expanding our business in the United States. We have chosen the city of Shelbyville and Bedford County not only for its excellent location, but also because of the warm welcome and passion we’ve felt from the City of Shelbyville, Bedford County and the State of Tennessee.” […]

“Tennessee is at the forefront of the electric vehicle revolution, and its thanks to companies like Duksan Electera that this industry continues to thrive. We are proud to be the home of Duksan Electera’s first North American electrolyte manufacturing plant and believe Shelbyville’s central location in the southeastern corridor will set this company up for great success in the years to come.”



iFixit is investing $24.2 million in order to add a new location in Right to Work Chattanooga, Tennessee. As a result, this will create 201 new jobs!

“As a crossroads for the logistics industry, Chattanooga will be the ideal location for iFixit’s East Coast distribution hub. We are proud to have this California company expand to Tennessee and look forward to seeing the success that follows this project.” […]

“TVA and EPB congratulate iFixit on its decision to establish operations and create new job opportunities in Hamilton County. Helping to attract and retain jobs and investment in the Valley is fundamental to TVA’s mission of service.”



TechnologyAdvice is investing $2.7 million in order to expand headquarters in Right to Work Nashville, Tennessee. This will also create 350 new jobs!

“As a hub for innovation and technology, Tennessee provides its data and tech companies with the ideal climate for growth. We appreciate TechnologyAdvice’s decision to expand its Nashville headquarters and back-office operations and look forward to seeing this company’s continued success.” […]

“TVA and Nashville Electric Service congratulate TechnologyAdvice on its decision to expand operations and create hundreds of new jobs in Nashville. Helping to support companies create quality jobs and investment in the region is fundamental to TVA’s and NES’ mission of service.”


Tennessee Hills Distillery:

Tennessee Hills Distillery is investing $21.3 million in order to add headquarters in Right to Work Bristol, TN, creating 45 new jobs!

“We are so grateful for the support Tennessee Hill Distillery has received the last eight years enabling us to grow into a superregional brand. Our mission is building something all Tennesseans can be proud of. It is an honor to join the Bristol and Sullivan County business communities to grow manufacturing and “experiential” tourism in the region.” […]

“At TNECD, we strive to provide the businesses that call our state home with the tools and resources needed to succeed. We are proud to continue being the home of Tennessee Hills Distillery and believe Bristol and Sullivan County will be the ideal atmosphere for the company’s expansion and new headquarters.”


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