Major Investments Happening in Right to Work South Carolina

South Carolina is a major center for economic opportunities as a result of its Right to Work laws. Some of the most recent advancements are coming from Thermo King and Koch & Co, as well as Ingram Micro and BMW. Each one of these companies is investing large amounts into the economy and also creating lots of new jobs. So this is exciting news for the economy!

Read on in order to find out more about each investment!

Thermo King:

Thermo King is planning a $30 million expansion in Right to Work Greenville County, South Carolina. This will create 220 new jobs as a result.

“We are proud to expand our Thermo King operations to Greenville County, and we are grateful to the state of South Carolina for its partnership.” […]

“South Carolina’s advanced manufacturing industry has put our state on the map, and this latest expansion by industry leaders like Trane Technologies’ Thermo King is a testament to our success. I congratulate this great company on their continued investment and look forward to seeing the difference these new jobs make in the Greenville County community.” […]

“The decision by Trane Technologies’ Thermo King to launch manufacturing and distribution operations in Greenville County is a testament to our talented workforce and strong business-friendly approach. It reinforces our region’s leadership role in the global transportation arena and adds another global brand to our corporate community.”


Koch & Co:

Koch & Co is investing $5.1 million toward a new location in Right to Work Barnwell, South Carolina. This will also create 101 new jobs!

“South Carolina continues to build on its success in the manufacturing sector, and Koch & Co., Inc’s new operation in Barnwell County provides another boost. Today’s announcement further proves our pro-business efforts are paying off.” […]

“SouthernCarolina Alliance congratulates Barnwell County on landing another manufacturing operation that will provide good jobs and tax revenue to fuel the engine of our regional economy. We salute Koch & Co. and will continue to assist them in growing their operations here.”


Ingram Micro:

Ingram Micro is Investing $37 million in order to add a new location in Right to Work Roebuck, South Carolina. This will also create 203 new jobs!

“Ingram Micro is [glad] to continue to invest in the state of South Carolina. […] We are thrilled to partner with VanTrust Real Estate in this latest development in Spartanburg County.” […]

“Ingram Micro’s expanded Spartanburg County operation is not only a win for the local community, it’s a win for all of our state. This company is an integral part of South Carolina’s supply chain network, and we celebrate their success within our borders.” […]

“Ingram Micro’s decision to grow in Spartanburg strengthens our county’s already-robust logistics sector and brings another global brand with global connections to our county. We celebrate Ingram Micro’s footprint in Spartanburg County and look forward to working with them as they find continued success here.”



BMW is adding a new facility onto its campus in Right to Work Spartanburg, South Carolina. This will be covered by a $200 million investment.

“The BMW Group is known worldwide for the outstanding quality produced by its press shops. We are excited to add this new technology to Plant Spartanburg. This investment reinforces BMW’s commitment in the United States and South Carolina. We continue to play a major role in the region’s economic strength as well as workforce development and job training.” […]

“I believe the kind of partnership BMW and Spartanburg County have is one of a kind in the U.S., and this announcement cements that. BMW, a worldwide powerhouse, is still driving success and innovation in Spartanburg, and our entire county is grateful for their continued investment.”


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