Right to Work South Carolina Companies Continue to Expand

Right to Work South Carolina’s businesses are continuing to grow and expand, despite the pandemic. The most recent expansions are coming from Bentley Pontoons and Diversified Medical Healthcare, as well as Stomagienics.

Read on so you can learn more about each investment!

Bentley Pontoons:

Bentley Pontoons investing $5.9 million in order to expand in Right to Work Lexington, South Carolina. This will also create 50 new jobs!

“Bentley Pontoons is thrilled to be expanding operations in South Carolina and greatly appreciates the support from the South Carolina Department of Commerce and the Lexington County Department of Economic Development through this entire process.” […]

“The boating industry is experiencing a tremendous surge, and we couldn’t be happier for Bentley Pontoons’ continued growth in South Carolina. Congratulations on today’s expansion announcement and the 50 new job opportunities in Lexington County.”


Diversified Medical Healthcare:

Diversified Medical Healthcare is investing $51 million toward an expansion in Right to Work Greenville, South Carolina, creating 185 new jobs!

“South Carolina’s life sciences sector is booming. This latest expansion by Diversified Medical Healthcare in Greenville County is further testament to this critical sector’s growth. Congratulations to DMH on their success right here in S.C..” […]

“We are always pleased when a homegrown organization like Diversified Medical Healthcare chooses to expand and deepen its commitment to Greenville County. The company’s expertise in medical software, sterile manufacturing, medical supply and equipment distribution and clinical lab operations, along with its passion for being good community leaders, fits well here, and we wish them continued success into the future.”



Stomagienics is expanding soon in Right to Work Greenville, South Carolina. As a result, this will create 30 new jobs for the area!

“South Carolina’s life sciences industry is booming, and today’s announcement by Stomagienics in Greenville County is just the latest example. Their expansion not only proves that South Carolina has the business environment where life sciences companies can succeed, but that we have the talented workforce in place to handle the most innovative jobs.” […]

“It is particularly rewarding when a homegrown organization like Stomagienics chooses to grow and expand its presence in Greenville County. This is evidence that our strategic focus on helping existing industry grow is paying off, and that our strategic emphasis on medical devices and life science organizations is producing results. We congratulate Stomagienics on this major step forward and wish them continued success into the future.”


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