More Businesses Choose Right to Work Virginia Over Others

Businesses are choosing to invest in Virginia over other states as a result of it’s Right to Work laws. These laws allow workers to actually choose whether or not to join a union, further incentivizing job creation by companies. The most recent Right to Work Virginia investments are coming from Amentum Services and ISO Group, as well as PRINCO and Engineered BioPharmaceuticals. Altogether, they will create a total of 505 new jobs. So this is exciting news!

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Amentum Services:

Amentum Services is investing $495,000 in order to relocate, establish headquarters, and create 157 new jobs in Right to Work Fairfax County, Virginia.

“The Commonwealth continues to attract the headquarters operations of industry-leading companies like Amentum, which has first-hand knowledge of the benefits of a Virginia location. […] A combination of world-class talent, stable business climate, and connectivity will provide the crucial elements for Amentum to thrive, and we look forward to a continuing partnership with the company.”


ISO Group:

ISO Group is investing $570,000 in order to add a new location in Right to Work Chesterfield County, Virginia and also create 30 new jobs.

“We are proud to welcome ISO Group to Virginia’s corporate roster and serve as a launch point to reach its expanding U.S. customer base. […] The Commonwealth offers the right location, infrastructure, and skilled workforce to attract global leaders like ISO Group, and we thank the company for choosing Virginia and creating 30 new jobs in Chesterfield County.” […]

“I’d like to welcome ISO Group to our thriving international community of more than 200 companies doing business in the Richmond Region. […] Our region has been a magnet for agricultural technology and support firms as they identify sustainable means of reaching 45% of the nation’s population within one day’s delivery drive.”



PRINCO is investing $18.1 million in order to establish a new facility and create 284 new jobs in Right to Work Norfolk, Virginia.

“This new operation is a substantial addition to Virginia’s manufacturing sector, bringing more than 280 valuable jobs and economic opportunity to the City of Norfolk. […] The Commonwealth continues to play a significant role in reshoring manufacturing, and we are excited that the founding partners of PRINCO LLC recognize Virginia as a prime business location for this major new venture.” […]

“Through this investment in a new manufacturing facility, PRINCO will be supporting the healthcare industry for the Commonwealth and across the country. […] The Port of Virginia is ready to work with PRINCO and its partners to handle all of their supply chain needs today and well into the future. With this Norfolk location, PRINCO will be close by, and we are ready to begin a long and productive relationship with this newest corporate neighbor.”


Engineered BioPharmaceuticals:

Engineered BioPharmaceuticals is investing $6.1 million in order to expand and create 34 new jobs in Right to Work Danville, Virginia.

“Engineered Biopharmaceuticals is an important partner advancing our efforts to produce cost-effective, novel medications right here in Virginia. […] We are proud of the company’s trajectory from its founding at the Dan River Business Development Center to this new manufacturing facility that will infinitely expand its capabilities and reach while adding 34 high-quality jobs in the City of Danville, which continues to offer the right resources and talent.” […]

“Engineered BioPharmaceuticals epitomizes the success that is derived when applied engineering concepts for machinery and process complement research and development of advanced chemicals and materials.”


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