Nelson Medina Stands Up Against Teamsters’ Illegally Forced Dues

Nelson Medina is an employee for Savage Services, a transportation company in Long Beach. He claims that the Teamsters Local 848 are illegally forcing membership and dues on workers. The National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation has picked up the case.

Here’s what the Foundation has said of Medina’s case, as quoted in California Globe:

Medina’s charges come amid a flurry of Foundation-backed legal action by California workers against Teamsters Local 848. Medina himself filed a Request for Review this July at the NLRB in Washington, DC, challenging a dubious mail-vote process Teamsters officials pushed to gain monopoly bargaining power at his workplace. According to Medina’s Request for Review, at least 12 of his coworkers never had their votes counted in the election due to errors by the NLRB Region and postal service, though union lawyers somehow produced tracking numbers for two ballots that were originally considered late and demanded they be included in the count. Medina argued this indicated illegal ballot harvesting by union officials.

National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation, as quoted in California Globe

Here too is what Foundation President Mark Mix has to say on the matter:

“Teamsters Local 848 officials seem to be on a rampage throughout Southern California, brazenly violating the rights of any workers who dare to object to their one-size-fits-all bargaining power and forced-dues demands. […] Even amidst vehement worker opposition, Teamsters officials have repeatedly shown a preference for compulsion over trying to persuade workers to support them voluntarily.”

“Mr. Medina has been courageous in his continuing struggle to ensure that union coercion and legal finagling don’t determine the fate of his and his coworkers’ freedom in the workplace, and we are proud to support him in his efforts,” Mix added.

Mark Mix, as quoted in California Globe

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