New York Bracing for Big Labor Battles as Union Construction Contracts Expire at the End of June

New York Commissioner says that he is preparing for typical Big Labor tactics of “picket lines and deal with deliberate destruction” as they ‘negotiate’ their forced unionism contracts.  Construction unions like the Laborers and the Carpenters have been known to have organize crime connections.

From New York’s City Hall reporter Jon Lentz:

The city Buildings Department is bracing for turmoil at construction sites when dozens of collective bargaining agreements expire at the end of next month, Commissioner Robert LiMandri told a City Hall breakfast yesterday.

“That’s certainly planning for the worst, and if that happens we’ll have to do that,” said LiMandri, who noted his department has a strong relationship with the city’s district attorneys. “Sabotage is certainly, I’m sure, at the top of every construction manager’s mind, but make no mistake about it: this city is not going to tolerate that kind of behavior.” ‘

He said his department will be on high alert as the June 30 deadline nears, and is planning how to navigate picket lines and deal with deliberate destruction by disgruntled workers.