North Carolina Right to Work Law Encourages Business Expansion

North Carolina is home to lots of great companies which continue to thrive here as a result of the state’s Right to Work laws. Some of the most recent expansions within the state are coming from Technimark and Vanguard Furniture, as well as CertainTeed. Altogether, these three companies will create a total of 357 new jobs for the state. So these expansions will be beneficial not only for the company, but also for the job market!


Technimark is investing $62 million in order to expand in Right to Work Randolph County, North Carolina, creating 220 additional jobs!

“It’s always great to see a North Carolina company expand in our state. […] Manufacturers like Technimark know firsthand how well we support them, from our skilled workforce to a transportation network that makes it easy to reach customers quickly and efficiently.” […]

“North Carolina’s leadership in manufacturing is recognized around the world. […] Our state’s workforce is a key reason for our success, and as our First in Talent plan for economic development makes clear, education and specialized training will prepare our workers to meet the future needs of manufacturers like Technimark.”


Vanguard Furniture Company:

Vanguard Furniture Company is investing $5.9 million in order to expand in Right to Work Morganton, North Carolina, creating 100 new jobs.

“This plant has a rich history and is an ideal footprint for making custom furniture. The building is on one level, has high ceilings and will allow Vanguard to efficiently warehouse materials and ship finished furniture. […] We selected Morganton because the local community has hundreds of generational craftsmen with sawdust in their blood. In fact, many of our best artisans and craftsmen currently make the 30-mile trip to our Conover headquarters every day and are thrilled at the prospect of not having to commute as far. This is a classic win-win. We create jobs and with expanded capacity and shortened lead-times for our dealers and their customers.” […]

“North Carolina continues to be the global leader for furniture manufacturing. […] Vanguard’s decision to expand in our state affirms that our quality of life and skilled workforce can provide a thriving business climate that brings success.” […]

“With the largest furniture manufacturing industry and workforce in the United States, North Carolina is a confident choice for Vanguard. […] When we combine being first in furniture with being first in talent, North Carolina will continue to maintain its reputation as the furniture capital of the world.”



CertainTeed is investing $18.8 million in order to expand in Right to Work Oxford, North Carolina. This will also create 37 new jobs!

“Global brands can operate anywhere in the world, but they continue to choose North Carolina for its workforce. […] CertainTeed’s commitment to our state highlights the importance of a well-prepared workforce to meet industry demands. As the manufacturing industry advances, we are committed to advancing our workforce training systems to prepare North Carolinians to help companies meet those demands.”


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