One-Click Card Check

Katie Packer, writing for the Weekly Standard, looks at efforts by Big Labor to use Internet voting as a tool to force millions of Americans into labor unions.  

She points out that, “On July 22, the Association of Flight Attendants (AFA) asked the National Mediation Board (NMB)–the body that oversees airline and railroad union elections–to allow it to use a hyperlink in emails and on its web site that leads to the official NMB voting site where votes are cast. The hyperlink technology would allow the AFA to track which employees have accessed the voting web site. That information would make it easier for labor bosses to threaten or coerce individuals into voting.  For example, the union could send an email to eligible workers urging them to click on the hyperlink and vote in favor of unionization. They could then track who did and didn’t use the hyperlink. Anyone who didn’t click on the hyperlink could then be singled out and pressured into voting. The use of these hyperlinks would destroy an employee’s right to privacy and a secret ballot.”

The NMB has rejected the use of hyperlinks in the past but the make-up of the board is now different since President Obama appointed a new NMB president. With one click, your rights could be destroyed should the NMB support Big Labor’s request.