Op-Ed: Jobs Recovery Far More Rapid in Right to Work States

In a recent Op-Ed for The Washington Examiner, National Right to Work Committee President Mark Mix evaluates jobs recovery from the pandemic in both Right to Work and Forced Unionism States. The result? Right to Work states far surpass Forced Unionism states, being more successful in getting the economy back on track.

Recently updated data from the Department of Commerce and the Department of Labor show that from 2010 to 2020, “right-to-work” states outpaced forced-unionism states in job growth by nearly 2 to 1 — and they are now poised to get back much sooner to their pre-pandemic job numbers than forced-unionism states. The current trend shows right-to-work states will surge even further ahead over the next decade. […]

The six top-ranking states over the decade, enjoying employment gains of between 20.8% and 31.3%, are all right-to-work. […]

021, indicate that total employment in forced-unionism states was 3.6% below its pre-COVID-19 level in February 2020. The distance the 27 current right-to-work states had to go to get back to their pre-COVID-19 level was less than one-quarter as great. Obviously, their complete jobs recovery will come far sooner than in forced-unionism states as a group.


You can read the full article here.

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