Right to Work Alabama’s Latest Economic Developments

The most recent Right to Work Alabama investments include Manna Capital Partners and ISA. Both of these businesses will be adding new locations soon. So this is great news! Read on in order to learn more.

Manna Capital Partners:

Manna Capital Partners is investing $600 million in order to add a new location in Right to Work Montgomery, Alabama, creating 260 new jobs.

“We are excited and proud to build our first facility in Montgomery with our newly formed affiliate, Manna Beverages & Ventures. […] Our goal is to be the leading total beverage supply chain company in North America while operating with the highest quality, sustainable capabilities needed to produce beverages for world-class brand owners. MB&V fills the gap for major brands who want to be asset light, nimble and make a difference in their communities by hiring minority and women-owned businesses.” […]

“The U.S. beverage packaging market is expanding rapidly, and we’re happy that Manna has selected Alabama as it moves to capitalize on this trend with its large-scale manufacturing and distribution operation in Montgomery. […] This project has solid growth potential and will have a tremendous financial impact on the region.” […]

“Partnership and teamwork are key to this kind of economic growth, and we are grateful for the impact this kind of investment will have on the entire region.”


ISA Corp:

ISA Corp is investing several million dollars toward a new location in Right to Work Hartford, Alabama. This will also create 80 new jobs.

“We are pleased to welcome ISA Alabama Corp. to Geneva County, the Wiregrass region and the state of Alabama. This project is further proof of the tremendous collaboration of regional teamwork working with ISA Alabama at the state, regional and local levels. […] ISA Alabama represents the best in latex product manufacturing and will be a great addition to Alabama’s diverse manufacturing base and will be a premiere employer in Southeast Alabama.”


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